A & C Minutes August 19, 2011

Facilitator: Unknown

Minutes: Alex Carvalho

Note: Originally posted on the A & C Google group on August 20th, 2011 by Alex Carvalho. Link here: A & C Minutes 08/19/11. Click on “Hide quoted text” to view.

Meeting Minutes – 08.19.11

Present: Jez, Orion, Vanessa, Cid, Russo, Alê


  1. Legitimacy
  2. Inventory of Stunts
  3. Sleeping on the Streets, Prior to 9-17
  4. Mano Chao, Rappers
  5. Manifesting a Manifesto
  6. Verizon Picket Line Solidarity/Test Site

Meeting started at 7:25pm, rain forced us to move to Flea Market Caffee

  1. Legitimacy
    • The Occupy Wall st movement is voluntary in nature.
    • We have less than a month to pull off our proposals for 917, and this ‘deadline’ is fast approaching.
    • How can we keep the open spirit of this effort without falling short on quotidian considerations, such as people not showing up, not answering to emails, or not voicing their opinion when requested.
    • Thus, in order to make sure we are keeping with our democratic values, we present propose the principle of “Participation is Representation”. We propose to the Arts and Culture group that a 50+1% quorum of participating people in the committiee gives legitimacy to the meeting as an Arts and Culture collective meeting.
    • 48 hours response time in order to be considered as a participating member.
    • To be sanctioned by the rest of the group.
  2. Inventory of Stunts
  3. A considerable amount of time was spent brainstorming and debating proposals. We discussed general principles, such as non-violence and avoidance of hardcore property damage (shattering a window). Also, we divided between stunts to do before 9-17, stunts on the day, and ongoing. Lastly, the stunts we suggested as opening the people’s assemblies on Wall St.


    1. Flowerov Cocktail: must be non-violent. No hardcore property damage. There are funding issues on the flowers, agreed, but any stunt will require at least a couple of dollars. Suggested as a ongoing stunt, as the occupation progresses.
    2. Radical Clowns: in the G-8, demonstrated against the police. Fun, non-confrontational, makes fun of the nation state and its coercive apparatus.
    3. Face Paint, Street Chalks: a humanizing stunt that can include children.
      – Infernal Noise Machine: Bring your instruments and let’s walk around the financial district disrupting the work of financial sharks.
    4. Radical History of Wall St: guided tour to tourists of the disgusting facts about Wall St and the global political economic system.
    5. Dance Block Tactic – Dance Randomly as police try to curtail people’s right to assembly or protest.
    6. Book Shields: inspired in the Chilean radicals, build a shield made of cardboard or whatever material, and paint a book that inspired you to become an engaged radical.
    7. Letter Writing Workshops: people come in and write their thoughts on all that is happening. Mailing to Congress? To Standard and Poors?
    8. Candlelit sing along at Wall St: at night, create a song or choose a song representative of the spirit of the movement and have a candlelit sing along at Wall st. Youtube that, definitely.
    9. 5 minute silence. People gather and carry on a 5min silence. Silence can be very noisy.
    10. Open space for people to participate aesthetically too! Bring in your humanizing work to melt away the toxic wasteland of Wall st.
    11. Terracota Warriors: people impersonate their prospective terracota warrior at Wall St, as a warning to the police about your ancient warrior heritage.
    12. underground subversion: 1 and 2 trains, 4 and 5 trains, L train, A and E train. Take some ads out, scan and photoshop them, altering the message, an place it back with a subversive message, a call to action.
    13. Puppy Parade: bring your dogs, cats, parrots, goldfish, to Wall St. We want a swarm of puppies, because animals and plants also have a stake in the well being of our planet.
    14. Happy Public Service Annoucements: go to subways, parks, and start annoucing facts about Wall St toxicity and inviting people to occupy Wall St. A different version of this idea would be drum circles. Suggestion to OUTREACH: do both at Columbia Quad, Hunter College, Washington Sq, etc.
    15. Dark Light, batteries, paint, an lets take Kenny’s Cosmic Cavern to Wall St!!! Film it for sure.
  4. Sleepin on the streets of Wall St before the occupation.
    • Test boundaries
    • Well, we definitely need to feel it out and test this.
    • Nothing better than sleeping there to feel whats going on.
    • Cant be less than 10 people.
    • Lets schede maybe two teams for two nights each?
    • To take to the GA for deliberation.
    • Also, this Monday a small contingent pf A&C peeps will jam in Wall Street, by the staircase.
    • Objective is to start feeling the terrain and probable censorships.
  5. Mano Chao and others.
    • Ruso knows Chao personally and said he would be here in NYC doing some concerts on Semptember 4-5.
    • He is open to proposals.
    • We can go on stage and invite people to join us.
    • We can propose to him to jam at Wall St or other places, record a video on that, and throwing it out there.
    • Propose to GA, after probing possibilities with Chao.
    • Also, on August 25th there will be a hiphop party called ‘Black August’, at SOBs. Another opportunity.
    • Maybe outreach is down?
    • Ruso is also working in parallel to create videoclips prior to 9-17; the concept is to take Obama’s Presidential Song “Yes We Can” and make it “Yes We Camp!”.
    • To be released prior to 917.
  6. Manifesting a Manifesto
    • Jez read a manifesto for us all. Very strong and provokative, a call to action. To read at the GA?
  7. Verizon Picket Solidarity/ Test Site.
    • A few of us have consistently reached out to the Verizon picket line, and gained their trust and reciprocity.
    • 917 was voiced. We proposed to test some ideas there and if the GA is down, they are down.

Meeting ended at 9pm-9:30pm.