A & C Minutes – October 21, 2011

Facilitator: James

Minutes: Anna Harrah

Note: Originally posted on the A & C Google group on October 22nd, 2011 by Alex Carvalho. Link here: A & C Minutes 10/21/11. Click on “Hide quoted text” to view.

  • GA procedure & signs
  • Agenda Points
  • Stack
    1. Announcements – Agenda Items
    1. Announcements
    1. Lady: Finance Budget, $100 a day not being proposed-attested by facilitation meeting, have to request daily or loose the funding, spoke to Daryl
    2. Gan: Emergency Budget Discussion-OccupyHalloween, need numbers.
    3. Noah: Reports yesterdays action-OccupyMuseums
    4. Stephanie: Cuny Grad student-proposes a forum on spectators & politics & performance Nov. 8th
    5. Billy: Halloween boothes, how to propose budget for projects?
    6. Kiril: Follow-up “No Comment”
    7. Earnie: Music Guild-function & concerns
    8. Imani: 3rd Ward & ArtSpace in BK to hold Free & Public discussion
    9. Jola: 99% Art!, wants to propose an occupation of Union Sq. Artist Auction
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A & C Minutes – October 16, 2011

Facilitators: Mike and Tomi

Stack: Will
Minutes: Imani

Important: For several meetings, AC has discussed the problematic nature of daily meetings and the sheer amount of agenda items per day, leaving little time for thorough discussion of issues. In response, a proposal (see the tread “meeting outline”) was put forward that we reduce the number of weekly meetings to 6 days and that we streamline meetings by dividing them between “Art” and “Culture” days (3 for each) so as to enable enough space for proposals as well as broader philosophical/ ethical concerns as to how we address the art world and NYC at large.

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A & C Minutes – October 14, 2011

Facilitators: Adrian and Alma

Note: After waiting until 6:15 for a trained facilitator, the group decided to take up Alma and Adrian’s offer to co-facilitate without training. (These minutes were originally posted on nycga.cc)

  1. News and Announcements
  1. James: Material donated from Build It Green for A&C Kiosk –
    Salvaged materials – Calendar included in materials at kiosk
  2. Alma: Is storage room open tomorrow?*
  3. Renee: Delayed GA Announcement, Report on Cinema?
    • Adrian: Report on cinema: They’re going to show films!
    • Renee: Has music met? Request for help
  4. Imani: Googledoc set up, via Ben. Meeting Sunday night 8 PM 60 Wall St for letter of outreach, letter of support, and/or general statement
  5. Troy: Occupy Cinema, need help with subtitles, Q for legal: can we build collapsible screen, he can build it but needs funding in bids, Q: how do we get on calendar? can we print programs? Best way to get help?

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A & C Minutes – October 10, 2011

Facilitator: Alex Carvalho

Minutes:Claire Lebowitz

Note: Originally posted on the A & C Google group on October 11th, 2011 by Claire Lebowitz. Link here: A & C Minutes 10/10/11. Click on “Hide quoted text” to view.

Monday October 10, 2011 – 6pm 60 Wall St.

  • Discussing how its important to meet away from Liberty Sq so all voices can be heard
  • Explanation of process of participatory democracy
  • Explanation of hand signals
  1. Report Backs / Announcements
  1. Joseph – built giant puppets
    • showed photo of Statue of Liberty at Washington Sq Park
    • Received $100 last night for further puppet construction
    • Thurs and Fri looking for studio space to build puppets
    • Power to the puppets at Sat march and Occupy Halloween
    • Vampires attacking statue of liberty

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