A & C Minutes – October 21, 2011

Facilitator: James

Minutes: Anna Harrah

Note: Originally posted on the A & C Google group on October 22nd, 2011 by Alex Carvalho. Link here: A & C Minutes 10/21/11. Click on “Hide quoted text” to view.

  • GA procedure & signs
  • Agenda Points
  • Stack
    1. Announcements – Agenda Items
      1. Announcements
        1. Lady: Finance Budget, $100 a day not being proposed-attested by facilitation meeting, have to request daily or loose the funding, spoke to Daryl
        2. Gan: Emergency Budget Discussion-OccupyHalloween, need numbers.
        3. Noah: Reports yesterdays action-OccupyMuseums
        4. Stephanie: Cuny Grad student-proposes a forum on spectators & politics & performance Nov. 8th
        5. Billy: Halloween boothes, how to propose budget for projects?
        6. Kiril: Follow-up “No Comment”
        7. Earnie: Music Guild-function & concerns
        8. Imani: 3rd Ward & ArtSpace in BK to hold Free & Public discussion
        9. Jola: 99% Art!, wants to propose an occupation of Union Sq. Artist Auction
        10. Amy: Dancer, 1st meeting, Proposes a global collaboration with Anne Helprin
        11. James: Propose a show, theme NO NAME, where artists remain anonymous
        12. Alex: eliminate A & C Google Groups by Wednesday!
        13. Anna: Follow-up on “No Comment” & non-profit shows Chelsea Museum (99% Art!) & White Box (WALLmART)
        14. Joey: Theatre/Social practice Oct. 14th, connects all 99% ppl with social practice/theatre of oppressed, meets Friday Oct. 28th @ 2pm
        15. Imani: American for Arts Google Doc
        16. Lani: Arts & Funding, no-one taking responsibility to get budget for 4pm, talk to Gan immediately for getting involved with funding & please help make A & C present at GA meetings, we need a voice
        17. Gan: Formally invited to Halloween parade by NYC, possibly largest in Nation, we need $3000 for puppets, messaging, costumes, paint. Self organize on own blocks for those who want to participate.

      There is an overflow of money into the entire occupation, we need to make sure we propose our budgets!

    2. Stack for Agenda
      1. Agenda
        1. Karen: to Gan-looking for puppets?
        2. Gan: Puppet Guild, but please give suggestions or make new connections, occupyhalloween.org
        3. Alex: Google Groups to be specific to guilds (many waving fingers)
        4. Billy: Materials & Accessories, who will talk for budget?
        5. Tim: Where & When is parade?
        6. Gan: Prep starting at 5-530 at off-site location then meeting at 630 from Spring St. then up 6Ave to 23rd
        7. Denny: need to go to GA to ask for funding for parade
        8. Zach: Any proposals need to be written, transparent, accountability. If it is approved, ex. OccupyHalloween, need to be clear where excess funds will go
        9. Renee: Give us more info & flush out budget
        10. Gan: Original # was exclusively for puppets, then finance committee recommended asking for new amount
        11. James: Save receipts, keep track
        12. Juliana: not necessary, one-time with materials
        13. Tim: we can definitely get a block grant
        14. Temperature Check: $3000 – many waving fingers

        15. Noah: OccupyMuseum launched yesterday, received a lot of media-NYT, Washington Post ect. Met in the park, occupied the 4 train, went to MOMA-open GA in front of museum, Directors came down to ask demands, occupiers invited to participate in GA-we will return everyday.
        16. Blithe: moving forward, meet next Monday 530 @ Guggenheim, inviting Arts & Labor which meets Tuesday 730
        17. Julian & Stephanie: Cuny PHD-propose an open forum for political theater, radical politics for larger movement to discuss philosophy-theoretical ideas
        18. Amy: Global performances with Anne Helprin might relate to Cuny workshop
        19. Claire: Performances Guild, Tuesday 5 collaboratively, Friday 4 go over proposals
        20. Julian: intersection btwn art practice & radical philosophy & how they converge
        21. Kiril: Can one person facilitate group?
        22. Claire: I’ll invite
        23. Imani: 3rd Ward for-profit wants to hold a free discussion about A & C functions, practices and how formed. Inviting artists to speak on topic. What are ppls feelings on collaborating with for-profit?
        24. Alex: read 3rd Ward email
          • Stack
        25. Alex: Thanks for caring!
        26. Amy: Who had bed bugs? Surrealestate or 3rd Ward?
        27. PPl: Surrealestate
        28. Kiril: Its getting out of park & interactions with businesses will be successful as long as there is transparency and planning
        29. Denny: Everyone should be included
        30. Sarach: Any opportunity to communicate is good-point out differences of non-profit and for-profit spaces 3rd Ward, we need A & C representatives
        31. Kiril: “No Comment” was incredible success! was an experiment and only had 4 days to put together, dealing with businesses, art world meets protest. Thank you! Private volunteer & doneor gave $5000 to extend the show. Justin Webes & I plan to pay back through a kickstarter campaign.
        32. Anna: 99% Art! was in collaboration with SonicSelf-held at non-profit Chelsea Museum which is closing to Taiwanese corporation, co-curated WALLmART with a contact-White Box a social activist non-profit gallery space
        33. Stephan: Global initiative to occupy music-kickstarter & paying loans from kickstarter is a legal concern
        34. Zach: We should wait to continue the “No Comment” for specific ppl who are concerned
        35. Denny: Union Sq. march for Artist Auction
        36. Sarah: whether we want to participate in an auction is a concern
        37. Jola: Turning Union Sq. into museum is great importance
        38. Kiril: Communication is difficult to incorporate all to make projects happen. People are coming forward and how we allocate funds to support artists?
        39. Claire: Tabling discussion & waiting for certain ppl is not the most effective way to work as a group
        40. Renee: immediate discussion provide time in depth
        41. Zach: working on principals and taking time for A & C to develop principals and guidelines. Tabling other agenda points?
        42. Earnie: Music Guild introduction-to promote music as vital & necessary agent of progress for both OWS & global movement…(see Earnie for entirety of mission statement)
        43. Nov. 4th Ryan McAdams having Juliard orchestra play-find out details through Earnie

        44. Stephan: Been around since beginning, launching different.org website which connects artists, musicians in all levels-website can operate autonomously and advocate for movement. Please visit site on Tuesday

    End of Minutes