Announcements Nov. 9, 2011

Pre-Meeting Announcements
Wednesday November 9, 2011
collected by @imani

  • Come to Printed Matter Saturday 11/12/11, 12-5PM to donate work to the A+C Window Display.
  • Meeting to discuss an A+C multipurpose space will be held This Sunday 11/13/11, 4PM. See the Spatial Team’s page for more info.
  • The Information/Structure Team would like to reassess Art and Culture’s daily meetings. We are working to par down to two general A+C meetings/ week and one large A+C General Assembly at which guild and affinity groups will come together with A+C to give report backs, catch everyone up to speed, and brainstorm for the future. **If you are a member or co-organizer of an affinity group or guild, please fill out this spreadsheet with your current meeting day and time so that we can plan around your meetings: Guild Meeting Scheduler