A & C Minutes – December 1, 2011

Facilitator: Johnny

Minutes: Imani
Stack: Adrian
Time: Sam

Arts & Culture Minutes 12/1/11 Thursday – December 1, 2011


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Meeting Schedule: Announcements/Report Backs, Agenda items, Proposals

Review of hand signals

Announcements/ Reportbacks

Daniel- From facilitation. Open Space conversation for 7 hours at SEIU building. Based on decentralized small conversation. Experiment in possibilities of conversation. Supply people w/ supplies to do what you want to make this visually appealing. Let me know now. 11-6 Saturday. openspaceows@gmail.com

Adam– OccupyComics. Affinity group that did the graphic art portion of the Stories of the 99% for 11/17th. Going to continue doing the graphics but wants to link in with a working group. They need to plug into the movement. Also can’t get things printed. Get Terry in touch.

Leora– Started visibility project with Deirdre. Invitation to anyone who wants to work on it. Objective is to take banners and get them out into new neighborhoods, suburbs, etc. Simple things. Graphic design works. Get in touch with Deirdre @dday.

Johnny– Also billboards

Imani– also check out occuprint.org

Chris– Show at Printed Matter. Drew the attention of Yoko Ono. She wants to facilitate a project with Occupennial. Project is wishing tree. Installation of it in MoMA. Tree, people come and write wishes for themselves or others. Yoko Ono will take them and then puts them together in an Imagine Peace Tower. Setting in motion with press release. Might do something on Saturday.  Press conference about this.  On the Agenda.

Adrian– Report-back—Direct Action and Arts and Culture confronted Commissioner Kelly. Video is online: youtoube/user/nycprotestor

Announcement– From Union Square. Group on their way to Zucotti. Hundreds of Union Members marching from Herald to Union Square. March for jobs and economic justice.

Imani– Guild/breakout group/ affinity group report-back/reunion meeting this Saturday, 11Am, 60 Wall Street. Happens to coincide with a planned ows reunion at Liberty Square.

Tim– 24 hour OccupyBroadway. Meeting place is 6pm, Broadway between 46th and 47th street. Almost immediately after are moving to Over 70 performances lined up. Open slots from 3:30am to 4am. Come whenever. Ongoing performances.

Johnny– Tomorrow, 3pm, Pace University. End Stop and Frisk. End fascist city police practice. In future want to support with art.

Kirby– From School of Visual Art. Teach an art and activism class. Students have generated an action. I Win- You Lose. Simple action. On the Agenda.

Tal– Announcements from Steve from Frankfurt. Morgan has photos from OccupyFrankfurt. Coming soon. Am planning an event in conjunction with Blackboard and Visual Dog on theme of new meaningful public space. What do we need to start building socially, institutionally and how? How can Occupy be involved in considering the art institution of the future. Large social dreaming matrix. January 7, 11AM. Blackboard people will participate. Google “tent city dreaming”.

James– 7 Billboards on Long Island Expressway offered to us. $20,000/month for free. To produce we would need an image printed on vinyl. $3500/billboard. No deadline or timeline. Julie Judge is contact person.

Dave– Work for a union. They might be interested.

James– Thinking of approaching communities and high schools.

Sam– You can Xerox for $40 for a 20ft billboard.

James– OccupyBroadway—Clair dropped off a role of canvas. Half used for OccupyBroadway. Need help at 20 Jay Street. Also Encuentro is Sunday. Making signs tonight and Saturday. Space on Saturday TBA. Find out at Saturday meeting. Also have break dancers for Encuentro. Need musicians, dancers, etc. About 400-plus RSVPs.

Sam– Filmmaker. Finished a film called If a Tree Falls. About Earth Liberation Front. Film has been n PBS and theatres. Want to do a screening here in New York. Want to offer free screenings in NY and elsewhere. In touch with OccupyCinema. Provoke discussion, etc.

Adrian– Anthology Film Archives may rent space

Sam– Want it to feel public. @treefallsfilm

Dave– Also rooftop films

Antonio– Arts and Labor Teach-In Sunday 1-4PM at Henry Street Settlement, Abrams Art Center. 3 Speakers. Talking about 1930s, WPA and Workers Coalition. 2 Generations of artists/ activists. Film By Purple Love something…feminist group who did a purple dinosaur march. More info on nycga.net. Also attended Arts and Labor group. Alternative Economies. We brainstormed on 2.5 possibilities for alternative economies. Wage artist collective. Want to put that knowledge to art workers in Chelsea. Discussion on co-ops. Screenprinting guild forming a co-op. We may want to do the same thing to employ people in the movement.

Also farmers march Sunday @ 2. East 9th Street and Avenue C. Meeting at Plaza Culturale. Marching to Zucotti Park for a seed swap. Farmers working group. Looking to buy farmland near Woodstock.


Organizational agenda:

Imani– 1. Outreach breakout group to create formalized outreach policy. 2. Also formalized meeting structure

Antonio– General outreach for Arts and Culture

Outreach breakout group to craft formalized affiliation policy:

Antonio- How is it possible to make a policy. Delicate situation. Propose that we reach out to OccupyMuseums and form a coalition of groups who can inform this dialogue. Something like OccupyInstitutions

Adrian- Good idea. Also have to do internal outreach to Communication. Should be a point person w/in Arts and Culture who meets with subgroups.

Leora– Wonder how we can have a formalized system that applies to variable setups. Encourage that it should be flexible.

Yaelle- Statement on Autonomy should probably be applied. Call to Action working group is meeting tomorrow for final revisions to Statement of Autonomy. Feel like there is a lot of overlap. Instead of starting from scratch we should work with that. Good point to start from.

Johnny– Personally think that natural phase of movement is time of “seed exchange with other groups, family reunion with groups, and tie of assisting each other. “We shall come over” in homage to an art piece with that slogan. Space Team is meeting to see how can we use the Hyperallergic residency. I think that this should be the focus of our residency.

Chris– Like to say that there are lots of art orgs that want to work with us and we are making it really hard for them. One of the things that is not registering is that time is happening quickly. Don’t know solution, but other smaller art groups are doing their own things. Decentralizing response is better than 50 people

Imani: this is not an attempt to create a centralized bed of power of restrict autonomy from sub groups all working well for months. I had idea of doing outreach to alternative paces there have been concerns with institutions that may have …assumed neutral because alternative and non-profit but we shouldn’t just cut off communication. How do we open dialogue like with Artists Space with groups that want to work with us, policy of how we can open up space not close it.

Johnny– Don’t think that we are very far from reaching consensus. Feel like what has naturally happened in course of history of this movement is that people have been responding to people reaching out to them in the light of the statement of Autonomy. While we had concerns about ethics several months ago, much collaboration have happened and I think if we were to examine them systematically, it would show an ethical vigor. We have been learning by doing how to collaborate successfully. Only thing that remains to be done is to handcraft a report and set of policies for future about what has already been done.

Antonio– We should get a list of institutions and reasons why. Autonomy statement is going to help us. If we stand side by side as equals, it will be better. Maybe autonomous groups are good at responding to certain things. I came to group to help A+C network. So far been upset that other groups have never fulfilled promises about filling out website. We need cooperation from all the guilds. Music Guild, Occupennial, OccupyMuseums and half of guilds. The benefit about the website is that it comes out first in all Google searches. This is for information structure and not to control.

Johnny– Take temp check on organizing a breakout group about this at end of stack

Chris– To address some of Imani’s point, don’t feel there is a contradiction between smaller groups and A+C. It appears that a lot of dialogue between institutions and smaller groups are through projects. That’s when we attract institution’s interest. That’s the y-product of people reaching out. Consistency is a big part of it.

Imani– this is great want to end dialogue and have it in break out groups. Hopefully after holidays we can come back to this discussion. First week after Jan. 1st please contact me to continue convo I will make a thread however it is important for all break out groups and guilds to offer a member to all be on the same page.

Leora: is this for all the little groups doing independent projects?

Imani: this is not to restrict anyone. Groups have been coming to groups like Occupennial that’s how printed matter happened but we want a broader campaign from a formalized policy.

Antonio– ant to add that I have a book called Alternative Art Spaces in the 60s and 70s. Lucy Lippard- Biting the Hand That Feeds You. We should do some reading and self-educating over the holidays.

Johnny– Aaron adding an agenda point.  Aaron from Music Guild

Aaron– Music Guild. It’s important to keep music in Arts and Culture. If all these groups start leaving, there is no arts and culture. Lots of musicians want to be a part about Arts and Culture. Mediums should connect with one another. Do not agree with Music being outside of Arts and Culture. If you guys like music I want you to be a part of it. Work hard doing Outreach, Organization, Direct Action. Arts and Culture is my one pleasure here.

Johnny– Next agenda item is:

A+C Outreach materials:

Antonio– Groups have flyers, etc. Do we have any generic Arts and Culture flyers?

Johnny– No brochures, but we should

Antonio– Should we start doing this?

Johnny– Let’s take stack

Open Stack

Sophia– Good idea. I don’t understand what that would consist of?

Antonio– basic response is that I thought of starting with basic info, past events/ actions, teach-ins, etc.

Imani– Great idea. We have the responses to the Americans for the Arts

Antonio– Info version one that is basic. Philosophy will bog it down. We can have many versions

Adrian- This is on the forum. This could be a long-term project, but we should have a short-term solution. Start designing things. If anyone wants to help, contact Adrian and Antonio.

Johnny– These are the kinds of things that we can do together in our own workspace where we can do things like lay out brochures, business cards, etc.

Leora– Including the mission statement.

Johnny-The residency is 2 months of a large workspace in Williamsburg. In that space and time, we should spend time creating materials, documents, policies, etc. to be ready at the end of the two months to use the system we’ve created to do outreach, etc and solidify ows network.

Yaelle– Hyperallergic space. This is great for everyone who wants to use it, but we have to keep most of these discussions at 60 Wall Street.

Imani– Don’t worry. The Hyperallergic space will not take the place of 60 Wall Street. Its use will be hashed out by the Spatial Team and then brought back to A+C for consensus. We need a space for art-making, quiet strategic meetings, events and whatnot. Have been using 20 Jay Street for now, but that space is gone soon. Will not replace A+C meetings at 60 Wall.

Johnny– The way that we’ve been making art and planning and carrying out art actions has been to…

Antonio– We’ve veered off topic. If we’re done with Outreach materials then we should close it.

Dave– In the minutes it would be good to encourage people to read the minutes. Where would I go to present my proposal. It should be clear in the minutes who to contact.


Resuming process.

Imani– Propose formalizing the structure by which meetings are run. Today’s meeting structure is: Announcements/ Report-backs; Agenda; Proposals

Yaelle– Feel strongly that proposals that a bigger part of meetings.

Johnny– Point of information. By scheduling proposals for 8pm, people will know when to arrive knowing there would be a time to be heard.

Imani– Keep in mind as well that Agenda items are not always organizational. For example, an ongoing project may be an Agenda item. Basically things that require in-depth discussion.

Leora– Troubles me to put proposals at 8. People who have been at meeting for a long time. Do meetings need to take 3 hours?

Adrian– We are lucky we get out in 3 hours. We don’t set time limits.

Leora– Hear what people are saying

Johnny– We need to formalize different aspects of the structure and procedures. One observation is that there are some people who want to highly specialize, and we feel it’s important that people can network. Accommodate those people. Also people are interested in follow-through and coordination and figuring out how to apply resources. Organizational meeting. Different solutions for how a new person who hasn’t been involved who care about either of those two things can be involved. Tried separating out meetings. Tried meeting every day.

Imani– We need to formalize so that we don’t keep wasting time at the beginning of each meeting

Antonio– We hope that the organizational stuff will be settled at some point and that that will go away. We need help working through the organizational stuff. This is my 4th month and I want to step away a little and let other people help out with stuff. Once organizational stuff get’s done I can step back and new people can step up.

Open Stack

Sophia– Spoke to Imani last week. Live in Staten Island. Now a movement starting there. I’ve been working on some exhibition ideas. Art Walk happens there. Basically it connects exhibitions that are happening in spaces lent to Art Walk. About community engagement. Sent a proposal to Occupennial. Want to talk about Staten Island outreach in general

Deirdre-  Mark properties that are in foreclosure with sing/ art, so that people who are out driving around know how many properties are in foreclosure

Johnny– Can we let Aaron come back and take the floor?

Consensus reached

Aaron– Don’t want to see the arts group fractured. I would like to communicate with other mediums and artists. The only way we progress is by mixing. Coming to A+C is healing and soothing. If everyone leaves arts and culture there will be no art and culture

Antonio– POC. I saw the process. OccupyRecords broke away but then I never heard back with info about where they were going. Cam you let us know…Is the other group doing things?

Johnny– DR- The way to be involved in A+C WG as a whole is to attend these meetings on M, R, 6PM 60 Wall. That’s the way to get involved. Music guild members need to come to meetings

Imani– We need mediation here. Very bad that music group is split into these two factions. Needs to be resolved asap. Dangerous for the movement and an uncomfortable situation.

Aaron– Don’t think mediation is necessary. I’m here as part of the music guild within Arts and Culture.

Temp check- always welcome.

Aaron– We are here and I will bring everyone.

Antonio– Suggest that you get added to google group and write something for the website. We need a place where people from the public can come and join and find info. There is room for both.

Yaelle– Aaron is here and he is a musician and is part of Arts and Culture. We can do mediation.

Antonio– POI. I don’t know anything about the breakaway.

Aaron– They can do what they want to do.

Leora- Can we propose and consent to schedule a mediation? I propose that we schedule a mediation for the factions of the Music Guild

Antonio- FA- include a timeline on that. In meanwhile can we have info about music guild up there

Leora- Is it reasonable to make it for before the first? Or do we need this much faster?

Johnny– Is there someone here who wants to be the point person to coordinate this experiment?

Antonio– Curious who has experience with mediation.

Imani– I will volunteer to get in touch with mediation.

Antonio– I don’t feel comfortable saying that there is a rift. It’s more of an issue of transparency and communication. Mediation will escalate

Dave– Reach out and ask about whether they want to do mediation.

Adrian– POP let Aaron say what you have to say

Antonio– POI. I have been in touch with them asking for info and they have not responded.

Aaron– I apologize for abusing the facilitation process. I don’t think we need mediation because.


Johnny– Should we consent upon resolution in response to the last agenda point? Let the discussion stand in the minutes and move on?

Antonio– Friendly amendment: I want to see info about minutes on the site.

Imani– So am I no longer reaching out to mediation?


Imani–  December 8th– John Lennon and OccupyGardens

James– Encuentro. We need a couple of stilt walkers but they need money. Ask for the $100 for today’s budget. If they will do it for $50 each. Also want to stress that I need help making signs for OccupyBroadway.

At Occupy Lincoln Center, Philip Glass is going to make a statement at 10:30. Lady Liberty is going over to Lincoln Center. I need someone to either make the banner so I can go to Lincoln Center, or I need someone to bring Lady Liberty to Lincoln Center.

Johnny– Proposal to do prog stack on these proposals.


James: I said what I needed. I’m going to 20 Jay. I have piece of primed Canvas where I can put Occupy B’way Logo. I need to make that tonight. I have everything I need except the rest of my budget. I Johnny can I get it tomorrow. Yes. Because I need to do another banner for Encuentro . I need people to night to go to Lincoln center and to make the banner. Adrian volunteers. I need someone to stay with the driver when she drives in with the puppets. Laurie Andersen will be there as well. Antonio, Reka also volunteer. Johnny thinks it’s may be an ethical concern to pay for stilt walkers. It’s for Encuentro.

Johnny: Yoko Ono wants to do a collab. Chris and Yaelle brought the idea.

Yaelle: I do have the card I can show people

Chris: the project is conceptual. Its open to interpretation. What yaelle got from the studio is a hand written not from yoko ono. Apparently this can be implemented in multiple ways. We are thinking of make a postcard to get as many people aware as possible. Yoko’s Part of an ongoing project that’s been going on for 30 years. The studio stressed that they want the original to be a part of OWS archives.

Adrian- We are in touch with Archives, but they are not as organized.

Antonio– POI. They want to meet with us and dialogue about working together.

Imani– There is also a consignment form for Archives

Open Stack

Dave– Is she willing to pay for expenses?

Yaelle– John is the studio manager. It was a casual meeting. How should we distribute? Postcards? Yoko will pay for post cards probably. Yaelle emailed them and emailed the press release and the request for funding the postcards

Imani– clarifying question: when is it taking place?

Yaelle: we want to send info to press tomorrow but as soon as we print out cards.

Imani: this is not being done at Liberty?

Chris: were in the process of trying to interpret the old project for OWS.

No point of doing press without cards.

Imani: it’s going to be before next year?


Yaelle: we want to print out 5000; it’s in the spirit of the movement

Deirdre– Coincide with idea of decorating the park for Christmas.

Johnny– Next on stack. I think we should take our time with this process. Obvious affinity with holiday tradition. Inability to stage the piece due to police. I think this should be our signal end-of-year art action. Convince them that culmination and press should be on 12/25

Yaelle– They wanted this to happen last week. I just got an email back from the studio

Chris– What you said makes sense and initially a lot of us thought the same thing, but this is a work of art by Yoko Ono, not a Christmas work.

Yaelle– John, curator said that he and Yoko are leaving tomorrow for Tokyo. Asked if we could put a hold on things. Returning from Tokyo 12/11.

Kirby– Has worked with them before.

Imani– Bed in for peace. Is it possible to have conversation with Yoko Ono’s studio about this potential recreation of her and John Lennon’s action in the 70s?

Yaelle– Faith thin. Once the piece is up and running they may be more open to ongoing conversation.

Aaron– How would you feel about Steve Earl coming to Strawberry Fields to do Beatles songs?

Johnny– Shazz is here from Archives.

Yaelle– Our question is: we have this small card work by Yoko Ono. She wants this to go into ows Archives for eternity. Used for loans and exhibitions, etc. How secure are the Archives and will people in Archives have the appreciation for something like this?

Shazz– We have locked storage facilities. We are working on long-term storage. Trying to get funding. Working with NYU, spoken with the Getty. We are already getting requests. We’d like to document and catalogue it.

Antonio– POI. In Arts and Labor breakout proposed as alt. economy solution that we create something different—art for the commons that is not put on sale. Art for NYCGA and how does that work?

Chris– How do we define art?

Antonio– No- how do we allow public ownership and think in a radical way this kind of management. In some countries, the gov’t buys the work and then it belongs to the city

Shazz– In our mission statement, we don’t have the power to get rid of things—only the power to store it. Don’t think anyone ever wants to get rid of the things we collect.

Yaelle– Can you give your information?

Shazz– @shazz

Johnny– I’ve been through archives. Could we possibly meet with you guys to establish a space for our artwork.

Shazz– Big thing in the movement is sourcing space. If you want access to put or take, you should be in touch. We had to talk. Sunday 6PM, 60 Wall Street

Imani– Please come to our Space Team meetings. Sundays.

Kirby– “I Win You Lose” action. I teach at SVA Art and Activism undergraduate class in art history dept. Student conceived project.  At Zucotti Park, people can just walk around it. What if we took 200 people and put them on every corner on Wall Street. What would you do there? Two people in Paris passing back and forth a piece of money., saying “I Win, You Lose” back and forth. Two props- large black bag of ‘money” (1%) and empty bag(99%). Design and photo students. Organizational meeting half hour in advance. If someone asked question, you would hand them an info sheet with a statement. Simple, deliberate, 45mins to an hour on lunch break. Take place on last day of class. Tuesday, December 13th, 12:30-1:30. Triangle at Louise Nevinson Plaza. Trying to use OWS and expand the grid.

Johnny– What do you need from Arts and Culture

Kirby– Event listing on website and Occupennial. Open to suggestions.

Johnny– If you could join nycga.net and put this proposal on our forum as a thread. This info on the forum will be the basis of any publicizing that we and Occupennial will do.

Aaron– PR working group. Issue press releases. Maybe I could help you out with that. In Direct Action. We do actions just like this and may help you coordinate. How many people will be down there?

Kirby– 8 students and friends but it is end of semester but can’t predict

Aaron– You want to recruit a bunch of ows people? Maybe attend a Direct Action meeting and ask for their help with the idea. My phone number, point you in right direction

Lisa- So you have gotten your students involved in the movement itself?

Kirby– Some have been involved, some personally, some not at all

Lisa– Even next semester. You could include next semester as well. But also, in terms of handing back the money—students are in a great position to address student loans. They could really make this concrete.

Kirby– This evolved through conversation about student loans.

Johnny– Lisa you should hook up with Kirby after meeting.

Imani– We need photographers and videographers

Sam– Filmmaker. Environmental radicals. “When a Tree Falls” film about environmental activists. We were contacted by someone at OccupyOakland, etc about doing screenings. Occurred to us that this is a great time to share the film with ows. A lot of issues that are relevant. Lots of pitfalls and points of discussion that people could learn from. Idea was to figure out a film screening. Worried about how and where we do this considering Park closed and cold weather. About folks here in the movement. What I can offer is a distributer who has free copies. Can give up projectors. Connections with Rooftop Films. OccupyCinema gave vague response. PBS broadcasts the film.

Open Stack

Johnny– From where I sit, this is a good test case of A+C to work on facilitating and disseminating through OWS channels. I think what would be good would be to find a time that we could plan a campaign to use this movie. One specific suggestion is: is your distributor cool enough for the film to be linked on Occupennial with the right citations. Or do you insist on a physical screening?

Sam– I think that they would be into it but for a limited time. If there is a way to do it so that it sparks discussion, they might be into it. On Netflix

Yaelle– Great opportunity for us to use our efforts and engage other working groups. OccupyCimema is on top of their shit; they just get a lot of requests. They have done a lot of research on where to do screenings. I think that they can be really helpful.

Sam– One person in particular I was in touch with. Who are other people?

Yaelle– Get in touch with Pam. Tell her you came from an Arts and Culture meeting.

Imani– It would be great to be used as an educational tool for schools/ communities in addition to ows. Re: ows, the Hyperallergic space could fit around 70 people sitting on the ground. Could be good for a screening. Also, if you’re willing to keep doing this in the Spring, you can do screenings at parks around the city. OccupyCinema was also thinking of this. MoCADA does an annual film fest at a park in BK in the summer Huge screen. Probably cheap to do/ could get it paid for.

Sam– To clarify- didn’t mean it’s not for the general public. We want to inject it into the movement. Lessons to be learned and stories to be told that can be taken form the film

Kirby– Ideas of school groups. Want to throw out Big Screen. Outdoor screening in Chelsea. I will look into it. OWS should sponsor/ host, etc whatever happens. Educational component—people always there. Sponsorship is extremely important.

Lisa– One of the things is that so many things go on in the world really legitimize this movement. Might be something to look into. Love the idea of making a film festival not just about occupy. W are bringing forward what is right about the world

Yaelle– I think that the tides are changing and that when the summer film season comes around people will be looking for films like yours. We will become mainstream really quickly. If we want to do something and let our voice lead the discussion, we should do this in the winter.

Sam– That was my idea as well. We were asked by Oakland. For them the movie has relevance. I definitely feel that the time is now.

Chris– One of the things that hasn’t come up yet but is vital is the Wall Street lobbying firm that spending almost a million dollars to smear the ows movement. Any kind of PR we put out is great. Keep in mind the tremendous money that is being put out to smear the movement. Clashes with police—phrasing like that. Frank untz talks about messaging against the Left. He set out talking points about words to use to redefine ows movement. Doing films and other PR is vital.

Johnny– We will schedule an outside meeting with Sam to discuss film screenings. Sa, will post to forum and solicit calls for setting up an outside meeting.

Johnny– Temp check on going for another hour

Occupy Staten Island action/ solidarity

Sophia– What would be our relationship with Occupy Staten Island? Had a proposal that I sent to Occupennial but got a lukewarm response. Postposed that project until January. Proposal is for an exhibition that deals with the work of an artist who has done research on collective behavior and olfaction. Gayil Nalls. The project would happen in a lent gallery space in Staten Island. Occupying underused space for public good. The project is for Occupiers to wear t-shirts for several days. Tag with bio info, slogan, etc. Could be anonymous. Way of contacting that person. People in Staten Island could contact these people. I need to get in touch with occupiers and need volunteers to organize and sit in while the exhibition is open.

Open Stack

 Johnny- Sounds awesome and sounds like something we could help you wish. Next step is to go to nycga.net and make a post about the project soliciting volunteers. Contact all the groups who have to do with itinerant occupiers and get in touch with them. Come to subsequent meetings ad make an active call.

Imani- Get in touch with James from Architecture/ Town Planning. He’s doing a lot of great work with the occupiers at the churches.

Johnny– Lisa would you like to give a presentation on space?

Lisa– I have a time-sensitive proposal for OccupyBroadway. The People’s Declaration of Independence. Mike check performance. Reading the declaration of independence. Blew me away because it was so relevant. Everyone is concentrated on rights but this addresses and even bigger thing. This is not good it is not government and we disavow. I have changed very little of it. Talked to my dad who said that’s so weird I was reading it yesterday too.” I want to use this as a galvanizing piece.

Imani– Do it at Encuentro as well!


Some Agenda items tabled for Monday’s meeting.