A & C Minutes – Dec. 19, 2011

No Facilitation

Minutes: Justin Wedes & Adrian

Note: These are two different minutes. Edited by Adrian.

Two A & C meetings were held on Monday, Dec. 19th 2011.

I came to 60 Wall Street around 5.50 and looked around for other Arts & Culture members. I met with Lopi while she was attending an Occupy Farms meeting and we had an informal Direct Action Painters (D.A.P). talk. After waiting another 15 minutes for other A & C members to arrive, I picked out a table and placed a large Arts & Culture sign down. Paul, Blithe and I waited another 10 minutes before starting our meeting. During our meeting Noah and an artist named Nao Matsumoto stopped by.

At around the same time as this meeting another A & C meeting was apparently taking place.

The two minutes will be combined to reflect the view of my (Adrian) perspective. I will first defer to the other meeting as it consisted of more members, around seven. The number expanded to twelve when Paul, Lopi, Nao, Daniele and myself arrived. Noah and Zach also attended this meeting toward its conclusion.

Neither meeting was facilitated.

I took minutes from the smaller group. Justin Wedes took minutes from the larger group. I will first post two announcements/report backs that Justin recorded prior to our arrival. The names of the individuals that attended this meeting, as Justin recorded it, may be wrong as he himself has indicated with question marks.

Minutes by Justin Wedes:

Present: Alex? , Justin Wedes, Lisa? , Eric (chef), Gilbert?, Steve Valk, Kiril Ravensong, Nao ?, Alvaro, Lopi@lopi , Paul

  1. Agenda Items

(1) Steve (from Frankfurt) –

Performing at Coil Festival PS122, Choreography for Black Chords. In touch with Tall Berry, Morgan. Wants to announce that tomorrow (Tues.) night he’s giving a presentation, 7:30-9:30, 51 Bergen St., talking about a possible early-Jan occupation of The Invisible Dog. Creating a “second skin” around the movement of curious people to interface with the movement. Take it out of the camp and into the art world.

*Show is not free, but informal talks and Social Dreaming Matrix/Free Associations event is free

(2) #OccupyNewYears – midnight ball drop in Zuccotti! (All the cops in Times Square?! 😉 Open call for ideas and helpers. #ThePeoplesBallDrop? MagicTacoChef@yahoo.com

Note: Around this time, members of the other Arts & Culture meeting joined. Our meeting had just concluded with Announcements made by Paul from Occupy with Art (formerly Occupennial) and Blithe from Arts and Labor. At this meeting Blithe asked for funding for flyers from which she received consensus. The following minutes were taken during that meeting]

Minutes: Adrian

Attendees: Paul, Blithe, Adrian

  1. Announcements
  2. Paul:

    1. Occupy with Art (formerly Occupennial) has a new url: occupywithart.com and it is ready for open calls: Occupy With Art.
    2. Catskill Project
      • The project “Wall Street to Main Street” (WS-MS) is ongoing. Paul recently went to Catskill to check out the spaces available and to speak with coordinators. There are five downtown spaces.
      • Part of WS-MS will be an exhibition of artwork, from which an international call for entry will be made. It is planned that the Catskill spaces will be occupied with art for three months from March to May 2012.
      • The members at the meeting discussed a range of proposal requests. A team is assembling in Catskill, discussing panels, housing, food, etc. and a project outline is emerging.
      • One notable individual involved in conversations with the project is, Fawn Potash, The Project Director for Masters on Main Street, a recent Greene County arts and culture project.
    3. Occupy Woodstock
      • Paul has met with a few individuals in this area for a project. He has also spoken with Michael Lang the co-creator of the 1969 counter-cultural festival Woodstock. A GA teach-in was discussed and a camp format was discussed. Paul may contact Town Planning working group for advice or collaboration.
    4. Yoko Ono
      • The Yoko Ono Wishing Tree project is ready to launch. 10,000 cards will be available next week.
    5. The Co-op Show
      • The Co-op Show in Long Island is ready to go. A theater has been made available as well as 1 or 2 presenting spaces. There will be another meeting this weekend with Christopher Moylan in Huntington. There is no hard date for when this show will take place. Contact Paul for more information. Also, information about the co-op can be found here: Center Food Co-op
    6. Low Lives: Occupy!
      • The Hemispheric Institute at NYU will host the collective Low Lives as they broadcast international performances. Prospective date: March 3, 2012. Information can be found here: Occupy With Art / Low Lives


    1. Arts & Labor Website
      • Arts and Labor has launched their website. The relationship between Arts and Culture and Arts and Labor is well defined on the site: Arts and Labor

    2. Relationships between the 1%
      • An ongoing project of Arts & Labor is mapping the relationships between the 1% with respect to their business deals. They are using a database, an unusual social network of the 1%, called LittleSis, which tracks relationships between the 1%: Little Sis
      • The relationship between philanthropists and real estate development is ongoing and research is being done in 3 places: Chinatown, Sunset Park, and East New York.
      • Blithe informs us that finance people are there but not people from the world of culture. Arts and Labor intends to add in those individuals. As expected, individuals in finance are already being found to be the same as those in culture. They are not separate and things have already opened up in terms of tracking the relationships. This data is transparent for artists to use.

    3. Alternative Economy Project
      • An activist and artist named Caroline Woolard is on the frontline of developing an alternative economy to the 1%. Two of her projects are Our Goods and Solidarity NYC. She has an online bartering system where individuals are able to trade things like a shiatsu for a painting
    4. POPS Search
      • Arts and Labor have been looking for more Privately Owned Public Spaces from which to meet and to work. 590 Madison is one of the other public spaces, along with 60 Wall Street, available for indoor meetings. It has been a challenge for Arts and Labor to find spaces to host the group.
    5. Overview of Current Arts & Labor Work
      • Arts and Labor have two breakout groups doing the bulk of the work in A and L. These are two research groups. The first is involved in reform and unions and organizing through labor. The second is finding solidarity with people, developing a sustainable system within the city. These two breakout groups may eventually merge but are doing their own networking and research.
    6. Arts and Labor General Assembly at Highline
      • There will be a GA at 10Avenue and 18th street near the John Baldessari Billboard of $100, 000 bill. Discussing what this artwork represents.
    7. Arts and Labor Teach-In
      • The last Arts and labor teach-in was a huge success and included around one hundred people. The next Teach-in will be hosted at Abrons Art Center in the LES, January 15th or 19th at the Cabinet Space [Experimental Theater?]. The theme of this teach-in will be Alternative Economies specifically with galleries and real estate. An Argentinean woman will also be speaking.
  3. Funding
    1. Blithe John Baldessari Billboard

    Action: What does 100K mean to you? 12/20/11 at Highline billboard.
    Flyers: $25.00

    Consensus. Bring receipt(s) to finance point person on Thursday.

At this point of the meeting, Noah introduced Noa (pronounced Now) Matsumoto. Noa has made 100 candles in the shape of a hand flipping its middle finger. He would like to donate them to Arts and Culture or use it in an A and C event. The group agreed to work with him and accepted his donation.

Meeting adjourned.

Because this A and C meeting was relatively short, ending at 6.45, Paul and I decided to look around once more to see if other Arts and Culture members may have arrived late. We walked toward the center of the atrium when I noticed Lisa and Steve. I asked Lisa what meeting was being held, as there were no signs, and she said “Arts and Culture”. I didn’t ask whether an effort was made to look for other Arts and Culture members on their part. Paul, Nao, and myself sat down. Lopi arrived shortly thereafter and the following was discussed in our presence as recorded by Justin Wedes. Daniele also arrived during the discussion.

Note: this is a continuation of his A and C minutes:

Minutes : Justin Wedes

(3) Discussion of wrapping up the No Comment Art Show, repaying the $5,000 loan to Bailey’s Café – paid to extend space rental at 23 Wall Street – that enabled the show to continue for an extra week. Kiril explains proposal to take request for $5K to GA. Clarifies this is not to pay Loft in the Red Zone or its owner, but rather the donor who paid directly to landlord. Concerns about outcome of the Art Show, violations of artist contract. Clarification that this proposal doesn’t comment on any of those actions, taken after the loan was made. Concerns about whether there was initially consensus on the plan. Suggestion to post to forum/google group, that there may not be consensus now.

(4) Reportback from Lopi – Direct Action Painters working group

(5) Nao, he’s donating two-hundred candles in the shape of a hand flipping the finger!

(6) Paul from OccupyWithArt.com. Reportback on ongoing projects –

(a) ‘Wall Street to Main Street’ getting ready for open call for national meetup. Something like #OccupyWoodstock. Danielle has some feedback on coordinating with other groups organizing similar efforts. In the early stages of planning.

(b) Yoko Ono project in the making…

(c) Long Island gallery space

(d) Occupy Low Life, has a venue at Hemispheric Institute, March 3rd, possible collaboration with Livestream teams?

(7) Lisa –

End Justin’s Minutes

Minutes: Adrian

These are the minutes I recorded when I arrived at the second meeting.They overlap with Justin’s minutes!

  1. Agenda Items / Announcements
    1. Kiril – “No Comment” Space Rental Payment
      1. Kiril: I’d like to get feedback about going to GA to get $5000 to pay back a woman who leased 20 Wall street for us during the No Comment art show. This was previously consented upon at an earlier Arts and Culture meeting.
      2. Adrian: Although I was frequently attending A and C meetings during the time of the “No Comment” show, I do not remember consenting to asking GA for $5000 to lease the space for another week. I do remember there being major concerns with Marika and an effort to cut ties with her. With all the negativity that developed, I also don’t see how A and C would have consented to that.
      3. Justin: A and C consented to extending the space before Marika’s contract change became an issue.
      4. Adrian: If there is proof that consensus was reached by Arts and Culture in the form of Arts and Culture Minutes I will of course stand by that consensus. Although Justin and Kiril have given full disclosure about their friendship with the donator, I find it suspicious that both individuals are asking to go to GA at such a late date, no offense.
      5. Justin: There was a lot happening during that time. I didn’t understand the process of going to the GA then and the Spokes Council development was a major change.
      6. Lopi: Mirika had members of the show forcibly kicked out of the building. I don’t see how A and C would have consented to lease the place for another week.
      7. Paul: (had some valuable points, which I seem to have not written down)
      8. Daniele: Accountability (formerly Finance Working group) does not make payments retroactively. Also, if you’ve signed any contract with the donators, that would not be valid and we would not be obligated to fulfill that contract.
      9. Justin: We didn’t sign anything. It was a verbal agreement.
      10. Adrian: I had a lot of difficulty finding past A and C minutes because the minutes posted on the old website nycga.cc have not been transferred to the new website. Finding members that were at that meeting or providing us with a specific date would also help your cause.
      11. Daniele: I remember you, Justin, saying you were going to go outside GA to find funding to extend the show for another week.
      12. Justin: No. I got consensus from an Arts and Culture group.
      13. Kiril: Ok. I just wanted to know how we should deal with this. I am friends with the donator but if we cannot agree to go to GA now for money I can deal with that. But I will search the Google boards for information about the consensus we reached through A and C, try to find the minutes, and find members who attended that meeting and consented.
    1. Lopi – Direct Action Working Group
      • The Direct Action Group is up and running and we were a success with the banners on D17. I’d like to thank Boo, Lisa, Becky, Liz and Adrian for joining and help creating the banners.
    2. Nao – Middle Finger Candles:
      • Nao has 100 hundred candles to donate. Nao has concerns about lighting the candles. He has offered to bring a fire extinguisher and scraper. He is also concerned about logistics but decided to hand out the candles to individuals at Liberty Plaza on December 24th.
      1. Adrian: I’m concerned about offending people on Christmas Eve.
      2. Lopi: Why should a skeptic worry about offending people of faith?
      3. Adrian: Touche!

      Consensus reached to bring and hand out candles in Liberty Plaza on December 24th.

    3. Paul from Occupy with Art (see above minutes)
    4. Daniele: Money and Ethics in Arts and Culture
      • The finance team within A and C have previously created a document and would like feedback. Please read and give feedback on the document “Financial Policies for Arts and Culture” found here: AC Finance Google doc

      Note: At this moment, Justin, Daniele, Lopi, Paul, Erik, Kiril, and Steve had left the meeting. Vanessa, Lisa, Naoh, Zach, Noa, an older gentleman, and myself continued talking.

      Time: around 7:45PM

    5. Lisa – Declaration of Independence Mic Check
      • Lisa has typed out parts of the Declaration of Independence and wants to do a Mic check during assembly. She has edited some of the original text.
      • Members were agreeable. Not sure if we consented on doing this.
    6. Amity from Outreach: New Years Eve Event
      • Many groups within OWS are organizing an event for New Years Eve and are inviting Arts and Culture to join. Outreach, Information, and Facilitation are all involved. The next Outreach meeting is tomorrow: December 20, 2011 at 5.30 PM.

      Note: Occupy Museums meeting was coming to an end. Noah and Zach joined the Arts and Culture group.

      Announcements and Funding:

    7. Noah Mini Tents
      • I am hosting a get together at my studio to build miniature tents this Thursday afternoon, Dec. 22nd. The location is 62 Eighteenth Street in Brooklyn. Please contact me or come to my studio to help be a part of this.
      • I would also like $75 dollars for material: glue sticks, thin wood rods, and tea lights.

      Consensus reached. Bring receipt(s) on Thursday to finance point person.

    8. Vanessa – Message to Arts and Culture
      • Vanessa, who was present at this meeting when I arrived, offered a message involving a member of A and C and an artist named Michael Alan. This issue is currently being resolved. For more information please contact Adrian @adrian.

      Second Meeting adjourned.


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