A & C Minutes – Jan. 30th 2012

No Facilitation

Minutes: Boo Lynn

Note: A & C Minutes: Thursday, January 30th 2012

  1. Announcements / Reportbacks
  1. A woman from Movement for Justice in El Barrio came to talk about International Women’s Day Celebration being planned March 8th, 2012. She would like our support in the General Assembly.
  2. Outreach There will be a low key brainstorming evening at Bowery Hotel Tuesday, Jan. 31st 8-10pm. Zach will bring and distribute A&C flyers.
  3. Deadline for “From Wall Street to Main Street artist proposals are due Wed. Feb. 1. WS2MS
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Flyers for Occupy Town Square this weekend

Uploaded Arts & Culture flyers (4 per page) just in time for anyone tabling for Arts & Culture at this Sunday’s  Occupy Town Square in Washington Sq Park, (January 29th 11am-5pm) more info below.


Occupy Wall Street is four months old. We don’t live in a park anymore, but we’re still here, and we’re still fighting for economic justice. Now, OWS is coming to a neighborhood near you. Over the next few months, mobile, daytime occupations, called Occupy Town Squares, will be held in parks and other public spaces, indoor and outdoor, around New York City. For a few hours a week, these events will recreate the essence of the Zuccotti Park Occupation. There will be info tables, teach-ins, trainings, and political discussions.

Whether you consider yourself a supporter of the movement or not, we want to meet you: come share your ideas and stories, learn about the movement, argue with us, debate with us, collaborate with us. If you’re already active in OWS, this is a chance to exchange information, to coordinate between working groups, and to get to know our brothers and sisters in the movement.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/occupytownsq
Twitter: @occupytownsq
Hashtag: #occupytownsq

Share OWS

SHARE OWS is a new program from OWS Arts Network that facilitates the sharing of content being produced within the OWS movement. What does that mean? Anyone working within OWS/NYCGA is free to re-circulate art, writing, photography, poetry, and other content produced within the OWS movement and for the movement. Read more about it here.

We need your help: If you are a member of a working group, collective, affinity group, or thematic group within OWS/NYCGA, please contact us so we can add you the SHARE OWS list: nycga-arts-and-culture-org@googlegroups.com or reach out to Arts & Culture on the A&C Forum or the 917 Wall Street Arts Forum. You can also help by spreading the word about this program and asking other groups to participate!

Arts & Culture Radical Ice Cream Social

Hey Everybody!
So the Puppet Guild is hosting the Arts and Culture’s first Radical Ice Cream Social at our studio this Friday the 27th at 7pm.  You can tell people to bring an ice cream topping if they can.  We want to create a monthly social event for artists to come and hang out, cross pollinate with other artists, talk about possible actions of you want to -but no
kind of structure other than maybe some introductions at the beginning.
Anyone who is available from 4pm on please reply so we can get a crew
together to set up the space.Also, Eric is working on getting some ice cream donated -does anybody
have any ideas or contacts that can help him?

Please throw out ideas if you have them for how to make the night fun
and make people want to come back every month.

Spread the word!! (There’s a facebook event if you find that useful to use)




ps :Antonio or any other admin, how do i spread this invite to all of the art guilds/collectives?  thanks

A & C Minutes – January 5th 2012


 Facilitator            Joe
Stack                     Adrian
Minutes                Morgan


In Attendance

Imani, LeeRoy, Vivian from Poetry, Adrian, Joe, Al, Katalina from NYCLU, Felix, Jack, Tim, Matt, Eric, James, Terry M.




Al was concerned about news regarding the posters being given to Historical Society.   Morgan CQ: First, who has authority to do so?   Al – Why are posters being given away when young sign painters who need money can sell them.   POI  Jack was also concerned about the signs?  Where are they?  POI Adrian said he thought many were in Archives @SIS, but others said that SIS has now moved to Brooklyn.  POI Jack said James was missing things.   (Antonio had  also brought up issues of museums collecting artifacts from  OWS) – all decided to put this issue formally on the agenda.

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