Next Wave of Work

“As the Occupy movement considers how to expand the influence and energy of last fall’s uprising into the next wave of work, it is looking at strategies for social transformation that combine a commitment to deep democracy, equitable economics, life-sustaining interdependence with the natural world and a liberatory remaking of social relationships”– Alexa Bradley*

If visibility, public awareness, and outreach were among the important aspects in the first phase of Occupy Wall Street, then I am beside Alexa Bradley’s suggestion that the next wave is working together to build these new worlds. We hope to continue to bring the Art & The Commons workshop to various communities in the next couple of months for community investigation into these ideas. Soon we will be participating in the Wall Street to Main Street (WS2MS) art festival in the Catskills and eventually along side workshops and teach-in with Arts & Labor‘s Alternative Economies group.This is an open invitation for anyone interested in joining us in these efforts.

Making New Worlds Possible
A report from the Occupy Wall Street forum on the commons
By Alexa Bradley

[*Alexa Bradley writing in response to her experience at “Making Worlds” a 3 day forum on the commons organized by several OWS Working Groups of which Arts & Culture members Maria Byck (@maria) and I (@antonioserna) held a workshop called Art & The Commons on day 2.]


Occupy Town Square, where to next?


This gallery contains 6 photos.

Photos from this past weekends Occupy Town Square III in Tompkins Square Park. Thanks all who came out to support and as the weather gets warmer, watch out!

Arts & Culture + Arts & Labor: Occupy Tompkins Sun Feb 26 11-5pm

Arts & Culture + Arts & Labor: Occupy Tompkins Square Park, Feb 26, 11am-5pm

Arts & Culture + Arts & Labor:
Occupy Tompkins Square Park (map)
Sunday Feb 26, 11am-5pm

as part of..
Occupy Town Square III
Facebook invite:

Look for us!!!

Art & The Commons (Friday 8pm Workshop)

Art & The Commons: Workshop 1

Art & The Commons
Friday Feb 17th, 8pm

a workshop as part of…
Making Worlds:
An OWS Forum on the Commons

Feb 16-18th, 2012
Church of the Ascension, 122 Java St, Bkln (G train to Greenpnt Ave.)

THURSDAY  Feb.16th, 5-10pm – SPEAKERS
Intro to the Commons by Silvia Federici, G. Caffentzis, J. Quilligan, C. Rude, A. Godberg

FRIDAY  Feb.17th, 5-10pm – WORKSHOPS
Global Commons, Environment & Sustainability, Arts, Culture, & Education (8pm)*

Race, Gender, Language, Enthicity, Economics of the Commons, Money and Banking,
Nurturing the Commons, and Closing Assembly



Also visit thematic page:
Art & The Commons

Meeting Minutes February 9th, 2012

Arts & Culture
Meeting Minutes
Thursday February 9, 2012

minutes by
Antonio (@antonioserna) -Announcment/Reportbacks
Imani (@imani) – Agenda

Imani (@imani), Chris Cobb, Antonio (@antonioserna), Max (Occupy Town square), Joe (facilitation), Emma, Adrian (@adrian), Eric (@recodebarcode), Lynn (@boolynn)


I. Organizational
– A&C email issues
– Hyperallergic scheduling proposal
– Occupy Town Square announcement
– Tech Ops/ Projects listing announcement
II. Space use at Hyperallergic (for SHARE OWS)
III. Art and The Commons

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A & C Minutes – Feb. 13th 2012

No Facilitation

Minutes: Boo Lynn

Note: A & C Minutes: Monday, February 13th 2012. 6:30 – 10:00PM

  1. Announcements / Reportbacks
  1. The Illuminator
  2. “Show and Tell”
  3. “Wall Street Stunts!”
  4. Donated Artwork
  5. OWS/NYCGA Workshop
  6. Making Worlds: Commons Forum
  7. Cultural Occupation of Liberty Square (COOLS)
  8. Info/Communications Update
  9. Valentines Day Pop-up

  1. Paul announced that this coming Thursday’s A&C meeting (2/17), Mark Read will presenting a project called The Illuminator that included a mobile van unit.
    • Read envisions this as working across multiple working groups.
    • Read is looking for a dedicated point person with tech skills on live stream etc. to partner in manifesting the project.
    • Paul will forward the details to Arts & Culture and post on

  2. Chris is hosting a creative “show and tell” March 10 and March 11 from 2pm – 6pm at Hyperallergic 181 N. 11th Street [corner of Driggs & 11th] / Brooklyn, NY 11211.
    • All of the Occupy artists and groups are invited to present their work with an emphasis on Occupy projects.
    • The intention is to come together so we can all learn more about each other and the many groups, guilds, and affinities.
    • Please email Chris to sign up for a 20 minute presentation time:

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Minutes Monday February 6, 2012

Arts & Culture – Meeting Minutes
Monday February 6th, 2012

Minutes by Chris Cobb

Antonio @antonioserna, leora, deirdre (@dday), chris, james @jamesfredericrose, eric (@recodebarcode), maria (@maria)

(The meeting started with just a few people so the discussion was very informal and people came later so the minutes reflect the casualness of the conversation.)

I. reportbacks /announcements/agenda

Leora – facilitation saftey vests made, had help from screen printing guild and they used them and they worked at the occupy town square at washington square park vests were given to occupy town square – max or Cynthia – violence /nonviolence issues are a dealbreaker for a lot of people

Deidre said they want to make buttons that say OWS nonviolent so people can tell who is who in some visual way including at the town square so they need help to make the buttons and distribute them or try to figure out a way to distinguish between violent and non violent protesters, noted that in DC (January 17 – Occupy DC) mostly white guys were like anarchists baiting the cops and saying”fuck you” to them etc.Trying deliberately to provoke, party atmosphere which seemed really risky and irresponsible

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