A & C Minutes – February 2nd 2012

No Facilitation


Note: A & C Minutes: Thursday, February 2nd, 2012.6:10 PM

Present: Reka (@rekapolonyi), Zach (@zachary)

  1. Report Backs / Announcements
    1. Reka: Jerry’s Egypt Solidarity Action postponed. Needs more performers! Contact Jerry!
    2. Zach: Report back from MoMA Action 1/27. Action successful. Banner “acquired” by MoMA 1/13 returned by MoMA head of security. Novads happy.
    3. Reka: Hyperallergic Potluck Dinner Friday night 2/3 !!! Come out and tell people! In Williamsburg, search google threads and NYCGA.net for address info.
      • Also—for people who can’t make Potluck on Friday, there will be the first Reading Group meeting there. We will discuss what books/literature to look at, what to collect, what focus we will be working toward through literature… it’s another occasion to check out the space and meet faces there.
    4. Zach: A & C wide Ice Cream Social Postponed. Joe (Puppet Guild) will update people soon on new date. Zach and Reka discussed possibly suggesting 2/17 to him. Would be great to get a good turnout and have more intermingling between the different A & C groups.
  2. Agenda
    • No agenda items.
  3. Proposals
    • No Proposals.

Meeting adjourned.