Minutes Monday February 6, 2012

Arts & Culture – Meeting Minutes
Monday February 6th, 2012

Minutes by Chris Cobb

Antonio @antonioserna, leora, deirdre (@dday), chris, james @jamesfredericrose, eric (@recodebarcode), maria (@maria)

(The meeting started with just a few people so the discussion was very informal and people came later so the minutes reflect the casualness of the conversation.)

I. reportbacks /announcements/agenda

Leora – facilitation saftey vests made, had help from screen printing guild and they used them and they worked at the occupy town square at washington square park vests were given to occupy town square – max or Cynthia – violence /nonviolence issues are a dealbreaker for a lot of people

Deidre said they want to make buttons that say OWS nonviolent so people can tell who is who in some visual way including at the town square so they need help to make the buttons and distribute them or try to figure out a way to distinguish between violent and non violent protesters, noted that in DC (January 17 – Occupy DC) mostly white guys were like anarchists baiting the cops and saying”fuck you” to them etc.Trying deliberately to provoke, party atmosphere which seemed really risky and irresponsible

Antonio – reclaiming of the property will involve conflict of some kind no matter what. and was the DA was planning some kind of confronting of something (?)

Lenora said Max has been trying to reach out to the mosque

Antonio – feels that goals were clear that the idea was occupying private space and so that is the underlying premise. Offers of space had been turned down before and we all agreed that it was complicated

James – Tax Dodgers
The Tax Dodger group will be going down to DC on Friday and they needsome additional people to suit up for the next event which will be at CPAC. Leaving Friday at 6:00 am. They had done an event already at 30 Rocafeller Center. Organized by Gan Golan. Last Thursday. Had great responses from people as the went around with plastic baseball bats and found the cops were very receptive to the protest, they were

Antonio mentioned that OWS archives group should come to meetings since much of what is in the archive might be artist work, and has been lost.
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James – OWS Arts & Culutre Show at Printed Matter was in a folder and it ended up at SIS and disappeared

Antonio – OWS Archives is holding working sessions  Thursday 6:00pm @ SIS 52 Broadway to stift througb and organize the archives. Sunday will be a meeting 6pm to discuss the future of the archives in regards to donating to private or public institutions or other possibilities. Archive will have more open forums. A coalition of artist and archivist should be involved.

Arts & Culture Spatial team was supposed to come back and do a report back but nobody from spatial is here. Antonio said he proposed a way to keep track of what is going on with spatial online. would like them to come to meetings and fill out the information on the arts and culture website so everyone can see. Spatial team should put it on the main site and try to be more transparent. Organizational teams made sense when we were a big group, now we need to consolidate our efforts.

Antonio – SHARE OWS – Arts and Labor and OwA has been added, OccupyMuseums seemed it. To circulate mix tapes, flyering, zines etc.

James – InterOccupy calls every Wednesday at 10 pm and you get to hear about lots of cool stuff and report backs from all over the US… Athena is hosting something at her place on Wednesday night with Gan Golan (@gangolan) and others… in regards to it . Wallstreet to Main Street Both he and Katherine Gressel submitted a proposal for drawings to Wall Street to Main Street. and are looking to curate a drawing show.. and are looking to get anyone who does drawings to submit work for that

Antonio and Maria put together a proposal for the Wall Street to Main Street – to do a workshop to create a project that leaves something meaningful behind in the town.

Random discussions about:
Eric – Big city wide meeting at Judson parallel may day action family oriented
ice cream social

Antonio and Maria were discussing a extending the WS2MS proposal to  Art and the Commons Forum – how to manage arts and culture in the Commons as part of Education and Empowerment’s  Making Worlds: A Forum on the Commons Feb 16, 17, 18th

Eric – housing group has easy/accessible place to get your cards and it changes only hand out metros on tues, weds and _? Follow spokes council twitter libertysqows and then see where they are given out. Metrocard Point people are Eric @recodebarcode and Adrian @adrain