A & C Minutes – Feb. 13th 2012

No Facilitation

Minutes: Boo Lynn

Note: A & C Minutes: Monday, February 13th 2012. 6:30 – 10:00PM

  1. Announcements / Reportbacks
    1. The Illuminator
    2. “Show and Tell”
    3. “Wall Street Stunts!”
    4. Donated Artwork
    5. OWS/NYCGA Workshop
    6. Making Worlds: Commons Forum
    7. Cultural Occupation of Liberty Square (COOLS)
    8. Info/Communications Update
    9. Valentines Day Pop-up

    1. Paul announced that this coming Thursday’s A&C meeting (2/17), Mark Read will presenting a project called The Illuminator that included a mobile van unit.
      • Read envisions this as working across multiple working groups.
      • Read is looking for a dedicated point person with tech skills on live stream etc. to partner in manifesting the project.
      • Paul will forward the details to Arts & Culture and post on NYCGA.net.

    2. Chris is hosting a creative “show and tell” March 10 and March 11 from 2pm – 6pm at Hyperallergic 181 N. 11th Street [corner of Driggs & 11th] / Brooklyn, NY 11211.
      • All of the Occupy artists and groups are invited to present their work with an emphasis on Occupy projects.
      • The intention is to come together so we can all learn more about each other and the many groups, guilds, and affinities.
      • Please email Chris to sign up for a 20 minute presentation time: occupypublishing@yahoo.com

    3. Paul also announced the FREE Valentine’s Day screening film of “Wall Street Stunts!: Arts & Culture before September 17th”, Hyperallergic 181 N. 11th Street [corner of Driggs & 11th] / Brooklyn, NY 11211.
    4. Imani was happy to report that she found the missing Joel Richard’s art piece at S.I.S. The artist has donated the work to OWS, and Imani will facilitate the formal transfer donation paperwork with the artist. THANK YOU JOEL!
    5. Antonio announced an Occupy Wall Street/NYCGA Workshop
    6. Making Worlds: An OWS Forum on the Commons

      • February 16-18, 2012
      • Church of the Ascension, 122 Java Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn
      • See this link for the schedule and incredible list of speaker. Food served. Children welcome.
      • This event encompasses issues that span the spectrum including Intro to the commons, Global Commons, environment, sustainability, race, gender, ethnicity, language, economy, education, and more!
      • Making Worlds Wiki

    7. Eric announced that he’d like everyone to remember to come to Liberty square during the month of March from 12pm – 2pm to occupy our park with ideas, art, food, games. etc. He also requested for each Occupy group to choose 1 day a month where they will share their resources and people and come to Liberty Square. Please contact him at OWSParkScheduling@gmail.com. also website: http://is.gd/cools1
    8. A flyer occupyfundraising, was distributed InfoHub FUND noon each Monday 60 Wall Street, NYC.
      • InfoHub wants to promote your PROJECTS! In order to do this we want to work with OWS activists to create a project list to share with OWS and the larger public.
      • The list of projects and related information we create will be published online and in print, and distributed by InfoHub, Outreach, and OWS Works (to name a few).
      • Ongoing or time specific planned undertakings we can improve equal access to information, help uncover overlapping projects, and help better understand our movement by shring knowledge about who we are working with outside of OWS.
      • Your feedback and participation appreciated.
      • Please fill out this online form: http://info.nycga.net/suppoert/educate/135-2/
      • If you have questions or need help please contact James at jeo-tech@earthlink.com

    9. Eco announced the Washington Square Park Valentine’s Day PopUp. this Saturday Feb.18th, 12pm – 6pm including a “Kiss In”, apple cider, playful gypsies, hearts, arts, music and lots of interesting people. Come share the love and join in the fun!

      • Hyperallergic space was discussed including, improvements the calendar booking system, the space’s usage, access, guidelines for appropriate activities and any equipment that the space can and cannot accommodate.
      • It was agreed by the group in general this is not the perfect solution for the type of larger scale all access workspace that we need.
      • But there are some small low key meetings, readings and film screenings being scheduled.
      • We are grateful for the residency and whatever time and space Hyperallergic is generously sharing.

      • Issues and concerns were expressed among the A&C group about the sense that there appears to be a lack of cohesiveness among the artists and the various groups that have sprung from the core or hub of NYCGA and Arts & Culture.
      • We discussed a lot of concerns about improving communication between all the different channels, sharing resources, more cohesiveness, how to create and improve NYCGA’s website and outreach.
      • We’re looking for solutions so there is a more centralized and efficient hub to provide support to all the various groups particularly in the arts and culture affiliates.
      • It was mentioned that several of our members have reached out to other groups and attended meetings trying to create more cohesive relationships, to share what A&C does and to relay info gathered on these visits back to A&C. There has been little to no response to this outreach from many of the OWS groups.

      This subject touched on former conversations and questions:

      • Is A&C also responding when guests from other groups are trying to communicate their needs and events?
      • How can we communicate and bond to create a more efficient working body with OWS? What role does A&C see itself playing, a resource for art materials, artists, information hub?
      • A resource that can direct people to more specific groups focused on specialty issues?
      • What can we do to make our meetings more inspired an efficient? What are our priorities?
      • What can we do to reach consensus and move projects forward and find solutions in a productive manner like some of Tech and Outreach’s meetings?

      Some suggestions were to work on a mission statement and more clearly defines who A&C is, what are our common goals, visions and values and how A&C fits into the OWS movement as an important component. There was also the concern: “Is a mission statement effective or are our actions dictating and defining us as individuals or a team?”

      We also discussed the need for a more organized structure that would provide easy access to our participate for new volunteers and cross training roles for the more experiences active members so responsibilities are shared more equally and delegated to prevent burnout.

      Also concerns were voiced about a lack of focus on core projects’ goals:

      • One of the projects mentioned was Art in the Commons, a complex project that requires concentrated long-term planning and involvement, but has failed to be successfully launched because our resources and people’s attention are being diverted to other projects.
      • Important initiatives that have been agreed on are becoming dormant for many reasons including people leaving or jumping to other projects without completing the first ones or informing group.
      • This is causing a knowledge gap and overloading the people left to manage the projects on their own.

      • It was mentioned that there could be some improvements in the NYCGA website to enable A&C to be more prominent and easy to find so we can better serve those who want to become involved in the creative side of OWS projects. How can we cross pollinate and integrate our web presence more effectively?
      • The lack of any substantial funding, support and recognition from NYCGA for A&C’s projects and involvement that is contributing to the OWS movement was voiced.
      • There were also concerns about the dynamics of our group working together. There was a lot of time spent working out communication regarding views expressed around ownership of different components of NYCGA, Arts and Culture, Occupenial OccupyWithArt, the upcoming Wall Street to Main Street art show, hierarchy, trust and past history between individuals and their relationships and communication during their tenure at OWS.

      We realized this is a bigger conversation than the meeting time allowed, but came up with a few solutions.

      • Adrian will create a how-to diagram on how to post minutes and help anyone who wished to learn how to post the A&C minutes for public review.
      • Imani and Adrian promised to distribute the goals and vision mission statement documents that have been worked on previously but never fully completed, so that they can be collectively shared, revisited, refined and agreed upon so we’re ready for “springing” into action with clarity by April 2012. The group agreed that more clarity and organization around our collective vision and intentions is a paramount agenda item to be worked out.


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Note: Other members of OWS may have attended this meeting though unlisted.