Meeting Minutes February 9th, 2012

Arts & Culture
Meeting Minutes
Thursday February 9, 2012

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Antonio (@antonioserna) -Announcment/Reportbacks
Imani (@imani) – Agenda

Imani (@imani), Chris Cobb, Antonio (@antonioserna), Max (Occupy Town square), Joe (facilitation), Emma, Adrian (@adrian), Eric (@recodebarcode), Lynn (@boolynn)


I. Organizational
– A&C email issues
– Hyperallergic scheduling proposal
– Occupy Town Square announcement
– Tech Ops/ Projects listing announcement
II. Space use at Hyperallergic (for SHARE OWS)
III. Art and The Commons


ImaniExit Art & Parsons.
Exit Art is closing. Political, social change. SEA program. Janet Igberman passed away year. They are closing now. Last show March – May. March 6th Benefit. Starting at $50 a person. April 1st – possible Cluster? Imani is Meeting with David C. this weekend talk about possiblilties support. // Parsons Visiting Artist lecture series: Occupy Museums Feb 7th – reportback,  Coco Fusco invited Noah and Imani. Maria, occupier, and other A&C people where there.

Adrian – Buttons & Town Square Feb 11th.
Diedre and Leora  (leebee) and Adrian making buttons “OWS Non Violent” and “Occupy Non Violence”, next Occupy Town Square II Sat, Feb 11, Presbyterian Church 86th Street. If any ideas for buttons contact: Leora and Diedre for button ideas.

Chris Cobb – OwA/Hyper Allergic Space.
HyperAllergic Space has now a online reservation webpage, made with cooperation with Tech Ops,. Pot Luck, Readings, Screenings are scheduled. // Also planning March 10th and 11th, 2-6pm. Asking OWS people to come in for the space. Artist to come and talk. Added jobs resource for Occupy with Art. Interested in making resources available to people.

Eric – Occutour
Bus traveling North East, Eric will be on the Occubus 10-19th. Wants people to give him stuff to take on tour, info about Arts & Culture. Bus leaves 10am.

Antonio – Commons, Archives.
Maria Byke and I are preparing a workshop on  Art and the Commons for the Making Worlds: A Forum on the Commons: Feb 16, 17, 18th along with Education, and Archives/Library. The workshop is also being presented at WS2MS, and other Occupy events throughout the year, anyone is welcome to help us with this project. // report back on Archives Open Forum (again) OWS Archives is holding working sessions on Thursdays 6:00pm @ SIS 52 Broadway to stift through and organize the archives. The working group meets on Sunday 6pm to discuss the future of the archives. Archives will have more open forums in the future so please be on the lookout. If anyone would like to help form a coalition of artist to work with Archive, please do so, they need input and more importantly a lot of art is in the archives, so it would make sense having artists form a coalition.


I. Organizational
Adrian- “Are we organized?” A lot that needs to be done in A/C. Question of a mission statement, goals, and setting priorities. To our detriment not to get these things done. Need to get things done. For example: emil account; there are two; one is a calendar. Don’t know who is taking care of that. Wrote up what I’ve done with email and telling people what needs to be done if other people want to take things on. No one knows who is managing arts_culture(at)nycga-dot-net.

Chris: Go to tech people?
Don’t know. Need people to go to tech. Accounts should be handled.
Do you want to take it on?
No. But there’s no point having Arts and Culture without email.

Adrian: Hyperallergic Google calendar done.
We could still use the reservation thing in the future, but it should be plugged in to the calendar.
Tried to use it.
Tech Ops made it
There are glitches.
It’s a great tool but we need to make sure that everyone knows the calendar.
What’s the proposal here?
Antonio: Use the google calendar. Hyperallergic reservation tool should be used but he needs to sync it with the google calendar. We can continue to use the reservation system. But shouldn’t we schedule reservations as events on the Google Calendar?
Adrian: Let’s agree on doing one thing
Antonio: Proposal is to use the Hyperallergic Spatial Occupation Residency google calendar that was consensed on to schedule Hyperallergic events. Use the Hyperallergic reservation tool plug it into the google calendar. We don’t mind using multiple tools. Also, once scheduled, Hyperallergic events should be put on NYCGA.
Imani: Plug info into NYCGA calendar so that the regularly scheduled events are on there, eg Reading group, screenings, teach in.
Embed google into Arts & Culture section of website using I frames. Could happen quickly. Already contacted TechOps—when they contact me back, propose that they should embed the google calendar into the Arts & Culture website using iframes.
BooLynn: How often would it refresh. So, to restate proposal: [restated]
Chris: Concern of redundancy. If everything makes it easier or simpler, then great. But if we’re doubling work it would suck. My bit is that whatever we propose should make it simpler. Friendly amendment: take the proposal and test it before we adopt it as a full system.
Antonio: cold temperature. Because of time of the residency is to short, we need a solution quick.
Imani: Should this really be a big complicated deal? Is it easy to do?
Adrian: Yes
Antonio: Technically the reservation tool is not a calendar. Technically the reservation system needs to hook up with the calendar.

Proposal consensed upon

Quick interjecting announcement:

 Max: Occupy Town Square this Saturday. Contact us with any questions at occupymax@g****.com. You can do presentations about projects.

Joe: OWS Info‘s  Comm Hub Cluster has a new OWS project listing to help promote peoples’ projects. Need help or more info contct joe-tech(at)earthl*

BooLynn will volunteer to take on organizing the email and opening the communication channels. Keep everyone in step with the process. Will be happy to train others and keep everything transparent.


II. Space use at Hyperallergic (for SHARE OWS)

Working on ShareOWS for content sharing. Signing up people. Encourage others to sign up; it’s on the website. Would like to start a small co-op print thing. Put a printer at Hyperallergic.

BooLynn: Going there tomorrow. Will check out the vibe
There is space.
How to chip in for ink? Want to use it Saturday. Flyer and zine in the park. Proposal is whether the group feels okay with setting up a ShareOWS syndication zine space in Hyperallergic.
on weekly basis?
Asking for regular time if possible at Hyperallergic at Saturday. 9-12 to allow.
Possible to use the space for 3 people. Saturday.
Adrian: Going to do a diagram about putting something on the website to take the work off of Antonio.
Anyone can be made an admin if they want to take on blogging roles.


III. Art & The Commons

Antonio: Art & the Commons workshops. Sent the proposal to Wall Street to Main Street. What does art look like in terms of a commons? Talk about commons and paintings. It would be a workshop. Possible visual component. (Imani?)

Adrian: Capitalism 3.0 on good text on the commons.
Boo Lynn:
Sent Imani a contact __________ (name??) on the Lower East Side Gardens. She would love outreach from ows. Community Gardens.

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