Meeting Minutes: Feb 20, 2012

Meeting Minutes
Monday February 20, 2012

Minutes by: Antonio
Attendees: Eric (@recodebarcode), Paul (@artforhumans), Mark, Antonio (@antonioserna), Adrian (@adrian)

Report backs

1. Adrian says we got an email from the tech Tech team saying we need minutes up online. Tech team will use the blog for the news to feed into

2. Paul says Occupy with Art has several projects coming to life- Occupy! low-lives in 12 countries March 3rd.//Wall Street to Main Street WS2MS.  March 17 launch through May. Also working with Mark Read – The Illuminator. – instant cinema, and Arts & Culture Space team – meeting for multipurpose space. Business plan. Structures discussed. Hyperallergic exhibition coming up, and also applying for a space at Recess: re-imagining art space for the 99%, and RevGames coming to do past videos pre-sept 17th.

Antonio– clarification question: what about calendar/reservation tool, still no access/info on calendar for Hyperallergic space use, i.e google embedded calendar created by Adrian.

Paul– Still working to sinc this to HA reservation tool.

Antonio– I’m super busy right now, but for the sake of transparency,  I can offer list the calendar events if you can just set me up to receive reservation info.

3. Eric – Occutour- raids and evictions in Pittsburgh and buffalo put a downer on the CccuTour.

4. Adrian –  Email – Boo (@boolynn) and Adrian (@adrian) are dealing with email backup.
Antonio- can you send me that list of issues you have read so I can post it to the minutes?

5. Mark – more info on the  roving Illuminator. Will do several pull-up in various locations. Will eventually hand over the valuable assets to drive the project and the truck. Anyone with idea willing to be a part of that group. akawildman@gmail.c*m -> check back with the new email account.

6.? Stamping money project with occupy George – working political and money topics.
March 3rd zuccotti -6pm-10pm

7. AntonioArt & Commons @ Making Worlds: An OWS forum on The Commons weekend update. See website for resources and transcripts.


I. Meeting times: One meeting idea discussed, possibly cancel thursday.
II. Expanding Share OWS – would need more groups to sign on. Noticed that library group, was having a teach-in ? about Underground Press Syndicate.

Paul -Contact Ows library Betsy (@blizf)…

[tangential notes fly too fast to type on iphone]

…Info comm hub contact… Tamara -interoccupy….Art Cluster… Solo 1-person show at Hyperallergic… (Michael Levitin) has been in contact with Paul/ Deidre D (@dday). might be doing a piece on occupywithart.


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