TONIGHT 6pm: Arts & Culture IMPORTANT Planning Meeting @ 60 Wall St.

BerlinBiennale7 - Portland Or after eviction
There are 3 big events/projects coming up that need input from all of
you, OWS artists & art groups. We are having an A&C planning meeting
tonight 6pm // 60 Wall Street for the following topics:

1) OWS Artists participation in Berlin Biennial 7 **
2) OWS Arts & Culture outdoor programming for a city wide Unconference
3) OWS Arts Newsletter

60 Wall Street.

Email arts_culture [at]  if you are coming and/or arriving a little later than 6pm, or cannot you cannot make it tonight but but still want to be part of the planning.

**Occupy Museums is also holding Berlin Biennial planning meetings, we can coordinate with them tonight if it is on their agenda.

It’s The Political Economy, Stupid (Curator Walk Thru at 5pm Today)

It's the Political Economy, Stupid - installation view

It's the Political Economy, Stupid (installation view)

It’s the Political Economy, Stupid
Wednesday, April 18, 2012, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Gallery Talk and walkthrough of the exhibition, “It’s the Political Economy, Stupid” with special guest, co-curator Gregory Sholette. The show brings together an international group of artists who focus on the current crisis in a sustained and critical manner. The Village Voice featured the show in its Best in Show column, and Art in America called it “compelling,” and “well-curated.”

Austrian Cultural Forum
11 East 52nd Street
New York, NY 10022
event website

It’s the Political Economy, Stupid is on view daily from 10AM – 6PM, through April 22nd, 2012. Admission is free.

OWS Poetry Group: An OWS Arts Cluster Highlight

[youtube TixX5ywVq1I 450 autoplay=0]

“A Collage of OWS Poetry Collective Assemblies” video/editing by Vivian.
Footage from the Occupy Wall Street Poetry collective done in and around Liberty Park in Wall Street. Fall 2011 – Winter 2012

Occupy Wall Street Poetry Facebook

[During the OWS Arts Cluster on April 1st, several of the many artist groups inside OWS came to connect and share with each other their experiences in the first six months of OWS.  Below is a video submitted to Arts & Culture for the cluster from the OWS Poetry Group, unfortunately we couldn’t present it at the cluster due to lack of time and a last minute change of format. As a thanks to all the OWS Art groups that took part in the OWS Arts Cluster, I’ll be presenting each of the groups through their words, images, and texts.]

LISTEN LIVE 6pm: OWS Artists Interviews on WGXC

Greene Arts Wall Street 2 Main Street OWS Artist Interviews

WGXC radio show “To Be Determined” with Mark Read, Sarah Kendall and Gregg Osofsky interviewing Wall Street To Main Street Artist, Writers and Thinkers…

Listen LIVE 6PM!
In Greene and Columbia County 90.7 FM
OR online at

more info:
Six months after Occupy Wall Street (OWS) sparked a global 99% movement, Occupy with Art and Masters on Main Street launch “Wall Street to Main Street” (WS2MS) in historic Catskill, NY. Through a dynamic series of art exhibits, performances, screenings, happenings, public… discussions, community- and family-focused activities, WS2MS will not only illuminate the amazing phenomenon of OWS, it will explore possible futures of the movement and build a creative bridge to connect the protests with the real needs and values of Main Street, USA.

WS2MS will be on display throughout Main Street from March 17 until May 31. Please check back for more detailed schedules or visit our website at

Today: May Day Arts Assembly II

May Day by Seth Tobocman“Art Strike -> Creative Strike -> +++
Saturday, April 7th, 2-5pm
Union Square, NYC

May Day will be beautifully disruptive. As we shut down the privatized city of capital, we will open new public spaces that are empowering and inspiring. These spaces will be full of art. Everyone who leaves their house on May 1st should encounter some form of art. The strike will be an exercise in radical imagination informed by dreams of beloved community and histories of resistance. It will draw upon and reinvent the creative tactics of earlier struggles for freedom, equality, and justice from across the world. We will continuously add and multiply our collective creativity so that every act of defiance also demonstrates the possibility of another world beyond neoliberalism.

This is the second Arts Assembly, specifically targeted at different arts groups and artists within OWS, but also looking to expand our collaborations beyond the OWS crowd. Everyone is welcome.

We are particularly looking forward to making sure everyone has the resources to support the wonderful, creative, future-changing projects they are engaged in.

To join the May 1 Arts list, go to:
To email May 1 Arts:
The website:
Facebook Invite: May Day Arts Assembly II

Meeting Minutes: March 25th, 2012 Arts Assembly

Meeting Minutes:
March 25th, 2012
Arts Assembly / May Day Arts Planning Meeting
Occupy Town Square at Fort Greene Park
Sunday, March 25, 2012
Thanks to Andrea for taking notes and typing this up.
Facebook invite: Arts Assembly I

Rachel facilitated; meeting began with introductions around the circle.

1. How the May Day plan came together:
May Day traditionally is a day recognizing labor and immigrant issues, is marked with marches and parades. For the first time this year, these groups are uniting with OWS to create a day with cohesive celebration and messaging, with no one group co-opting that, a coalition is formed.

2. The official languaging OWS has chosen:
“General Strike” (language used by other OWS groups in the U.S.)

But also “A Day Without the 99%” (the more all-inclusive phrasing, as unions aren’t allowed to take part in a general strike (?) and therefore will join the day’s events at 4pm)

Also “Legalize, Unionize, We Are the 99%”

3. Proposed Day-Of Schedule:

8am-2pm at Bryant Park = kid-friendly and raucous events

2pm = march from Bryant Park to Union Square, where a permitted, and kid-friendly rally will take place until 4pm; plan is to limit the number of union-speakers, even though they’re contributing to the funding of the event

2-4pm = the main Immigrant & Labor Rights march to Wall Street (going through Foley Square), ending up at Battery Park; not so pre-figured of a plan, no permit, plan to establish “green zones / safe zones” within

7pm = Battery Park will have music is sound permit comes through; will be starting off point to move out to more militant direct actions.

Where are the best spots for art-actions to take place? Can there be public art everywhere? The planning of these actions is now taking place outside of the May Day organizing meetings as individual working-group-like meetings, following a Spokes model of report-backs.

Actions Already Being Planned:

1. “Call to Create” ( appeals to artists who want to organize actions, and folks who want to support the art/ideas generated (providing documentation, donations, supplies, etc.)

Is also a source of info regarding any day-of changes of plans

2. Spoke of the new, creative energy emerging from Direct Action in the Friday marches from Zuccotti to the Stock Exchange that incorporate song, dance, the People’s Gong, Jerry from Theatre of the Oppressed (meeting 2pm at Zuccotti for a 3pm march and 4pm gong at the Exchange’s closing bell).

Also mentioned the Plus Brigades (?) performances and trainings designed to bring more creativity and fun to militancy…

3. A mass convergence of Choirs is planned for 5:30 at Madison Park as a form of outreach before marching to Union Square (contact

4. OWS Latin America plans a free store/free fair at tables at Union Square

5. May Day lo-fi FM radio offering pre-recorded music, interviews, May Day history, report backs during the day-of, hopefully ending with a dance party.

Call is out for programming

6. Occuprint is seeking funding to print upwards of 30,000 broadsheets (?) to distribute prior to May 1st; is also seeking folks to do distribution at subways.

7. Canadian artist Joel Richardson (?) wants to come into town to do wheat-pasting and stenciling of his “Grassroots …Revolutionary” images; call for volunteers

8. Possible action at music venues TBA for the evening of April 30

9. OWS Puppet Guild plans to create a Maypole, and a John Henry and Corporate Personhood puppets; call for volunteers to help with build but especially with operating day-of.

10. March 31 action at Sotheby’s (?) – contact Laila with Arts & Labor / Museums

11. Jo Robin proposed “Smash the State” piñatas to be made; also “Citizen Hero” patches / stencils to be made in advance and given to arrestees on day-of (call for help in making stencils and dropping them off with Puppet Guild)

New Ideas for Possible Actions:

1. Making a unified “action menu” describing desired audience, safety level, artists available (similar to the Call to Create list). Request to consider whether actions are OWS directed or general public outreach instead.

2. Follow-up action to the Art Fair / Exchange at the Armory; tables out with artwork to exchange, barter

3. Dance action – documenting movement; warm-up ballet barre class on barricades

4. Arts & Labor – stickering at ATMs (similar to ACTUP’s stickering campaign)

5. Locate an ailing community garden in one of the boroughs on a major subway line (Bklyn?) and provide teach-ins, food, healing sessions (as means of promoting May Day, introducing folks to OWS?)

6. OWS Latin America – actions related to Nature, Earth; walking with sacks of soil and seeds to pass out, place onto concrete (would this constitute littering?). Suggestion made to contact Food Justice which address similar issues

7. Jim from Aaron Burr Society – circle the Federal Reserve Building and toss pennies onto the street, similar to Abbie Hoffman’s idea to “levitate” the Fed Reserve Building

8. A coordinated banner drop?

9. Outreach to organize an Art Strike

10. Noah from Occupy Subways – subway outreach to the five boroughs prior to May Day, friendly, inviting; springtime theme, flowers; an opportunity to poll the public regarding OWS; possibility of reaching 2000 folks at once (Puppet Guild has been doing subway outreach performances to positive reception; may partner here)

11. Plus Brigades (?) – coordinating actions outside of safe zones, more disruptive and militant, life-affirming and creative in intent; proposing creating affinity groups of trusted folks with compatible comfort and risk levels for mutual support around actions

12. OccuPrint – has posters and flyers for folks to post in various neighborhoods (requesting a report back when a neighborhood has been postered). Possibility of dropping off new posters (including more information about the content of May Day) at 60 Wall Street for pick up (

Break-Out Groups formed:
1. Outreach / Subway / Messaging / Art Strike
2. Performance-related events
3. Art Fair / Art Exchange
4. People needing resources to fulfill ideas
5. Logistics

Break-Out Report Backs:
1. Outreach – discussed
Occuprint resources
Attention to not being Manhattan-centric
Subway maypoles
Everyone flyering their own neighborhoods
Press conferences
Approaching art institutions, galleries re: Art Strikes, covering exhibited works, for example
Diversity of messaging to ensure accessibility (“Have a beautiful May Day” / “A Day without the 99%)

2. Resource Group
Discussed the spreadsheet of resources available (through Call to Create)
“Feast” = funding opportunity with a Friday 3/30 proposal deadline (?)

3. Performance – made good connections

Meeting Closing

1. Reminding everyone of forming affinity groups

2. Sunday, April 1 at 6pm: Arts Cluster meeting

3. follow up May Day Arts meeting scheduled for Saturday, April 7 at 2pm in Union Square
Facebook invite: Arts Assembly II