Today: May Day Arts Assembly II

May Day by Seth Tobocman“Art Strike -> Creative Strike -> +++
Saturday, April 7th, 2-5pm
Union Square, NYC

May Day will be beautifully disruptive. As we shut down the privatized city of capital, we will open new public spaces that are empowering and inspiring. These spaces will be full of art. Everyone who leaves their house on May 1st should encounter some form of art. The strike will be an exercise in radical imagination informed by dreams of beloved community and histories of resistance. It will draw upon and reinvent the creative tactics of earlier struggles for freedom, equality, and justice from across the world. We will continuously add and multiply our collective creativity so that every act of defiance also demonstrates the possibility of another world beyond neoliberalism.

This is the second Arts Assembly, specifically targeted at different arts groups and artists within OWS, but also looking to expand our collaborations beyond the OWS crowd. Everyone is welcome.

We are particularly looking forward to making sure everyone has the resources to support the wonderful, creative, future-changing projects they are engaged in.

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