OWS Poetry Group: An OWS Arts Cluster Highlight

[youtube TixX5ywVq1I 450 autoplay=0]

“A Collage of OWS Poetry Collective Assemblies” video/editing by Vivian.
Footage from the Occupy Wall Street Poetry collective done in and around Liberty Park in Wall Street. Fall 2011 – Winter 2012

Occupy Wall Street Poetry Facebook

[During the OWS Arts Cluster on April 1st, several of the many artist groups inside OWS came to connect and share with each other their experiences in the first six months of OWS.  Below is a video submitted to Arts & Culture for the cluster from the OWS Poetry Group, unfortunately we couldn’t present it at the cluster due to lack of time and a last minute change of format. As a thanks to all the OWS Art groups that took part in the OWS Arts Cluster, I’ll be presenting each of the groups through their words, images, and texts.]