TONITE: Arts Cluster 3, @7pm

Occupy Wall Street - Arts Cluster 3, Sunday July 15, 7pm - The Commons Brooklyn

We cordially invite you to the third meeting of the Arts Cluster! initiative to bring together the creative community of OWS. We think that this opportunity to share information, resources, grievances and sympathies can strengthen all of our participation in the huge work… at hand.

The first Arts Cluster was in April. More than 60 people attended, representing 20+ creative projects from the occupy universe, as well as OWS sympathetic creatives who wanted to get plugged in. We learned more about one another’s work, had discussions about common challenges, and shared needs and resources. It was pretty great, but it was just the beginning. The group agreed that we should try to meet bi-monthly and the second meeting was held on June 10th where an amazing range of subjects were discussed

We then decided to go for #3 so PLEASE COME with a topic you’d like to introduce to discussion!

Three easy request:

1) It will be a potluck, so please bring some food to share if you can!
2) Please bring ideas about what to discuss! For much of the meeting, we will use the Open Space model, so that everyone has the opportunity to bring their priorities to the group.
3)Please let us know you’re coming, and invite your friends!