Arts Cluster 4: Sunday Aug 26, 7pm

Occupy Wall Street Arts Cluster 4

Dear OWS Arts Groups and people!

A reminder about the next meeting of the Arts Cluster happening this
coming Sunday, August 26  at 7 PM at the Commons  388 Atlantic Avenue in

For those new to this list, this is the initiative to bring together the
creative community of OWS… an opportunity to share information,
resources, grievances and sympathies that can strengthen all of our
participation in the huge work at hand.

Some of the topics discussed at past meetings included plans for the
Guitarmy, A Big Project, Occupy the Empty Space’s upcoming 10
minute play festival
, various puppet projects, core issues of artist entitlement, diversity and other arts actions.

What we have on the table for this meeting (as well as other topics
which you bring!) are follow ups on some of the above and continuing
discussions about subway performances leading up to September 17,
general plans for September 17 itself, and hopefully learning some songs
(including the police code of honor)! Please let me know if there is
anything which really needs to be added to the agenda followup before we
go to new topics in Open Space.

I don’t seem to have the notes from the July meeting (if someone has
them can they please (re)send) but here are the ones from June to get a

Four easy requests:

1) It will be a potluck, so please bring some food or liquids to share
if you can!

2) Please bring ideas about what to discuss! After we do followups, the
rest of the meeting, we will use the Open Space model, so that everyone
hopefully has has the opportunity to bring their priorities to the

3)Please let us know you’re coming, and invite your friends!   We have
set up a Facebook invite as well that you can use.

4)If there is something that needs to be on the followup list (anything
I’ve left out) or anything that needs to urgently be on the agenda
before we go to Open Space, please contact me beforehand and let me

Again that’s Sunday August 26 at 7 PM (will end at 10pm) at The Commons
388 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.

Hope to see you there!

Morgan and the Arts Cluster team