General Overview

Welcome to Arts & Culture! We seek to channel artistic expression and creativity into projects and works of art into the OWS movement. Within the group, there are several working guilds/collectives dealing in specific artistic mediums, such as Performance Art, Graphic Arts, Cinematography, Poetry and more, in addition to outreach to the arts community. You can contact guild co-organizers using this directory:
Arts & Culture Guild Co-Organizer Directory

Or, post in the NYCGA Arts & Culture Forum to reach the group as a whole. Welcome aboard!

What does Arts and Culture need?

Arts and Culture needs to have more of a presence in Liberty Plaza. We are interested in establishing a space in the park as needed. The more we do this the better. On days that are weather permitting we will create a space in the park to draw, paint or work in any medium. We have donated supplies and a budget to buy more supplies. Any one interested in occupying the park and making art, please contact James @ from the Painting and Drawing Guild.

More information:
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