Agenda Archive

Agenda Items for Thursday December 8, 2011 6pm 60 Wall Street
• Spokes Council and a rotating volunteer Spoke system.
• Discuss problems in Music formation
• Revisions: A&C Flyer
• Revisions: Syndication Program
• Revision: Solidarity Network
• Feedback for Action: Filmed GA Performance of The Declaration of Independence using the People’s Mic. (Lisa Rubenstein)


Agenda for Monday December 5, 2011 6pm 60 Wall Street
• OccupyGardens
• Action for Dec 8th?


Agenda  for Thursday December 1, 2011 6pm 60 Wall Street
• temporary breakout group to formalize outreach process
• OccupyGardens
• Action for Dec 8th?
• populating the Organization Team
• Meeting structure


Agenda Items for Monday November 28, 2011 6pm @ 60 Wall Street
• discussing what to DO in the Hyperallergic office space that has been offered…ie, in a creative spirit, ask the group for project ideas and consense about the ones we come up with.
• office access
• financial report with budget
• report back about space from Lopi
• mfta account
• art in the park
• Guerrilla Art Actions
• Reunion weekends

Agenda Items for Tuesday November 22, 2011(Organizational meeting)
(items pending minutes record)

Agenda Items for Saturday November 19, 2011 6pm @ 60 Wall Street (Organizational meeting)
• new schedule (first draft proposals.)
• new member integration
• Art syndicate program (follow-up feedback, etc.)