A & C Minutes – February 2nd 2012

No Facilitation


Note: A & C Minutes: Thursday, February 2nd, 2012.6:10 PM

Present: Reka (@rekapolonyi), Zach (@zachary)

  1. Report Backs / Announcements
    1. Reka: Jerry’s Egypt Solidarity Action postponed. Needs more performers! Contact Jerry!
    2. Zach: Report back from MoMA Action 1/27. Action successful. Banner “acquired” by MoMA 1/13 returned by MoMA head of security. Novads happy.
    3. Reka: Hyperallergic Potluck Dinner Friday night 2/3 !!! Come out and tell people! In Williamsburg, search google threads and NYCGA.net for address info.
      • Also—for people who can’t make Potluck on Friday, there will be the first Reading Group meeting there. We will discuss what books/literature to look at, what to collect, what focus we will be working toward through literature… it’s another occasion to check out the space and meet faces there.
    4. Zach: A & C wide Ice Cream Social Postponed. Joe (Puppet Guild) will update people soon on new date. Zach and Reka discussed possibly suggesting 2/17 to him. Would be great to get a good turnout and have more intermingling between the different A & C groups.
  2. Agenda
    • No agenda items.
  3. Proposals
    • No Proposals.

Meeting adjourned.

A & C Minutes – Jan. 30th 2012

No Facilitation

Minutes: Boo Lynn

Note: A & C Minutes: Thursday, January 30th 2012

  1. Announcements / Reportbacks
  1. A woman from Movement for Justice in El Barrio came to talk about International Women’s Day Celebration being planned March 8th, 2012. She would like our support in the General Assembly.
  2. Outreach There will be a low key brainstorming evening at Bowery Hotel Tuesday, Jan. 31st 8-10pm. Zach will bring and distribute A&C flyers.
  3. Deadline for “From Wall Street to Main Street artist proposals are due Wed. Feb. 1. WS2MS
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A & C Meeting – Thursday Dec. 29, 2011

On December 29th Arts & Culture will meet at Battery Park City Library, which has great wi-fi, electric outlets, and is open till 8PM. More information below.

Battery Park Library

The Address is 175 North End Avenue. We can transition to Wintergarden thereafter. Both locations are very close to Liberty Plaza and in walking distance from each other.Those who would like to meet beforehand should make arrangements to do so.

Info and directions can be found here:
Public Spaces for OWS Meetings

A & C Minutes – Dec. 19, 2011

No Facilitation

Minutes: Justin Wedes & Adrian

Note: These are two different minutes. Edited by Adrian.

Two A & C meetings were held on Monday, Dec. 19th 2011.

I came to 60 Wall Street around 5.50 and looked around for other Arts & Culture members. I met with Lopi while she was attending an Occupy Farms meeting and we had an informal Direct Action Painters (D.A.P). talk. After waiting another 15 minutes for other A & C members to arrive, I picked out a table and placed a large Arts & Culture sign down. Paul, Blithe and I waited another 10 minutes before starting our meeting. During our meeting Noah and an artist named Nao Matsumoto stopped by.

At around the same time as this meeting another A & C meeting was apparently taking place.

The two minutes will be combined to reflect the view of my (Adrian) perspective. I will first defer to the other meeting as it consisted of more members, around seven. The number expanded to twelve when Paul, Lopi, Nao, Daniele and myself arrived. Noah and Zach also attended this meeting toward its conclusion.

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A & C Minutes – October 21, 2011

Facilitator: James

Minutes: Anna Harrah

Note: Originally posted on the A & C Google group on October 22nd, 2011 by Alex Carvalho. Link here: A & C Minutes 10/21/11. Click on “Hide quoted text” to view.

  • GA procedure & signs
  • Agenda Points
  • Stack
    1. Announcements – Agenda Items
    1. Announcements
    1. Lady: Finance Budget, $100 a day not being proposed-attested by facilitation meeting, have to request daily or loose the funding, spoke to Daryl
    2. Gan: Emergency Budget Discussion-OccupyHalloween, need numbers.
    3. Noah: Reports yesterdays action-OccupyMuseums
    4. Stephanie: Cuny Grad student-proposes a forum on spectators & politics & performance Nov. 8th
    5. Billy: Halloween boothes, how to propose budget for projects?
    6. Kiril: Follow-up “No Comment”
    7. Earnie: Music Guild-function & concerns
    8. Imani: 3rd Ward & ArtSpace in BK to hold Free & Public discussion
    9. Jola: 99% Art!, wants to propose an occupation of Union Sq. Artist Auction
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