2NITE: Arts Cluster 5 – Keep it ALIVE!!!

Occupy Wall Street; Arts Cluster 5 -7pm Oct 7, 2012

Dear OWS Arts Groups and people!
The next meeting of the Arts Cluster IS happening this coming Sunday, October 7 at 7 PM at the Commons  388 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.

For those new to this list, this is the initiative to bring together the creative community of OWS..an opportunity to share information, resources, grievances and sympathies that can strengthen all of our participation in the huge work at hand.

Some of the topics discussed at past meetings included plans for the GuitarmyA Big ProjectOccupy the Empty Space’s upcoming 10 minute play festival (which was fab!)  , various puppet projects, core issues of artist entitlement, diversity and other arts actions and at the last meeting we spent time talking about events for N17 (including learning the police code of honor that Brook had gloriously set to music – which came in handy for me a couple times!), talked about a solo piece from Occupy Boston which is actually now happening in NY on Oct 22)  and also started a conversation about possible actions around Occupying the Election.

What we have on the table so far for this meeting (as well as other topics which you bring!) are follow ups on some of the above and continuing discussions about subway performances, Occupy Halloween plans and Occupy the Election. Let me know if there is anything which really needs to be added to the agenda followup before we go to new topics in Open Space.
Again – here are four easy requests:

1) It will be a potluck, so please bring some food or liquids to share if you can!

2) Please bring ideas about what to discuss in Open Space! After we do followups, the rest of the meeting, we will use the Open Space model, so that everyone hopefully has has the opportunity to bring their priorities to the group.

3)Please let us know you’re coming, and if we confirm then please also feel free to invite your friends!   If we agree to go ahead – I will also set up a Facebook page that can be used.

4)If there is something that needs to be on the followup list (anything I’ve left out) or anything that needs to urgently be on the agenda before we go to Open Space, please contact me beforehand and let me know.


Again that’s Sunday October 7 at 7 PM (will end at 10pm) at The Commons  388 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.

Hope to see you there!
Morgan and the Arts Cluster team

TONITE: Arts Cluster 3, @7pm

Occupy Wall Street - Arts Cluster 3, Sunday July 15, 7pm - The Commons Brooklyn

We cordially invite you to the third meeting of the Arts Cluster! initiative to bring together the creative community of OWS. We think that this opportunity to share information, resources, grievances and sympathies can strengthen all of our participation in the huge work… at hand.

The first Arts Cluster was in April. More than 60 people attended, representing 20+ creative projects from the occupy universe, as well as OWS sympathetic creatives who wanted to get plugged in. We learned more about one another’s work, had discussions about common challenges, and shared needs and resources. It was pretty great, but it was just the beginning. The group agreed that we should try to meet bi-monthly and the second meeting was held on June 10th where an amazing range of subjects were discussed https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SXxiMZp5Q7OnRg3aJkE-zaVnRxwQcZHuXNlxDe9h_HU/edit

We then decided to go for #3 so PLEASE COME with a topic you’d like to introduce to discussion!

Three easy request:

1) It will be a potluck, so please bring some food to share if you can!
2) Please bring ideas about what to discuss! For much of the meeting, we will use the Open Space model, so that everyone has the opportunity to bring their priorities to the group.
3)Please let us know you’re coming, and invite your friends!


TPZ: Temporary Party Zone NOW @ Liberty Park

Anyone who has ever been part of Arts & Culture should get down to Liberty Park ASAP! We are turning the park into a Temporary Party Zone for a very special Arts & Culture comrade. As one of the first very first members of Arts & Culture, he’s be holding the front of OWS for over 9 months now, but tonight is his farewell. Come by with your wishes and hugs and what ever else you care to share tonight, on this special night.

In Solidarity and with Love,

Facebook invite:
Alex Good Bye Party! 

LISTEN LIVE 6pm: OWS Artists Interviews on WGXC

Greene Arts Wall Street 2 Main Street OWS Artist Interviews

WGXC radio show “To Be Determined” with Mark Read, Sarah Kendall and Gregg Osofsky interviewing Wall Street To Main Street Artist, Writers and Thinkers…

Listen LIVE 6PM!
In Greene and Columbia County 90.7 FM
OR online at WGXC.org

more info:
Six months after Occupy Wall Street (OWS) sparked a global 99% movement, Occupy with Art and Masters on Main Street launch “Wall Street to Main Street” (WS2MS) in historic Catskill, NY. Through a dynamic series of art exhibits, performances, screenings, happenings, public… discussions, community- and family-focused activities, WS2MS will not only illuminate the amazing phenomenon of OWS, it will explore possible futures of the movement and build a creative bridge to connect the protests with the real needs and values of Main Street, USA.

WS2MS will be on display throughout Main Street from March 17 until May 31. Please check back for more detailed schedules or visit our website at


Today: May Day Arts Assembly II

May Day by Seth Tobocman“Art Strike -> Creative Strike -> +++
Saturday, April 7th, 2-5pm
Union Square, NYC

May Day will be beautifully disruptive. As we shut down the privatized city of capital, we will open new public spaces that are empowering and inspiring. These spaces will be full of art. Everyone who leaves their house on May 1st should encounter some form of art. The strike will be an exercise in radical imagination informed by dreams of beloved community and histories of resistance. It will draw upon and reinvent the creative tactics of earlier struggles for freedom, equality, and justice from across the world. We will continuously add and multiply our collective creativity so that every act of defiance also demonstrates the possibility of another world beyond neoliberalism.

This is the second Arts Assembly, specifically targeted at different arts groups and artists within OWS, but also looking to expand our collaborations beyond the OWS crowd. Everyone is welcome.

We are particularly looking forward to making sure everyone has the resources to support the wonderful, creative, future-changing projects they are engaged in.

To join the May 1 Arts list, go to: https://lists.riseup.net/www/info/may1arts
To email May 1 Arts: may1arts@gmail.com
The website: call2create.org
Facebook Invite: May Day Arts Assembly II

Today: Building the Culture of the Commons in Queens

Building the Culture of the Commons in Queens
Saturday March 24th

location 1: 12-2pm
location 2: 2-4pm

The 37th Road Commons
37th Road Plaza • Jackson Heights  (google map)
Btw. 73rd & 74th Sts. 1 blk. north of Roosevelt Ave.
(Roosevelt Ave./74th St.: E, F, M, R, &7 trains)

Noon to 1 PM – Party and Play Time
Bring the family for games, free play, live music and potluck lunch at “The 37th Road Commons”*

1 – 2 PM – Meet – Talk – Think
We will create a space in which everyone has equal voice on the issues that matter to most.
Discussions on:

* Housing and Foreclosure in Queens coordinated by OQ Housing Working Group
* Democracy for All and Residents Voting coordinated by the OQ Voting Rights Working Group
* Immigrants and Workers Rights coordinated by Yadira Sanchez with Worker’s Justice Project/ Proyecto de Justicia Laboral

– – – – – –

The Immigrant Movement International
108-59 Roosevelt Avenue (google map)
(Subway: Train 7 Flushing Local or Express, exit at the 111th)

2 – 4 PM – Social Assembly
People from Occupy Queens along with the Commons Coalition and Organization from Jackson Heights, Woodside and Corona are getting together to share their ideas and knowledge on how the different ways in which a politics of the commons can be developed. In particular, we are interested in understanding how groups and communities working on housing, health care, education, food, human and workers rights, energy, immigration, information technology, and communication and knowledge resources can develop a vision of these resources as commons: a third form of social organization to the state and corporate capitalism.

– – – – –

Commons Coalition website:

Arts & Labor Alt Econ page:

Arts & The Commons, an Arts & Culture thematic group page: