OWS People’s Puppets Workshop Thursday Nov 29

2 part workshop….

6:30 pm to 8 pm, Joe Therrien and of the OWS People’s Puppets will be doing a puppet workshop. All ages are welcome to come and have a hands-on puppetry experience.

Pre-Puppet Workshop: 4 pm to 6:30 pm, James Rose will be doing a collaborative puppetry/street performance back drop painting workshop. I’ll have large pieces of foam core to paint on and paints and brushes, come join me.

Thursday, November 29th, 2012
4pm to 8:30pm
Free, w/ light refreshments

Joe studied puppet making in college and has been involved with the artistic and performance elements of OWS. Joe has been a driving force in puppetry being an iconographic and provocative influence on events related to Occupy Wall Street.

The Brooklyn Workshop is a very special local neighborhood venue. It serves children with great workshops and classes. The Workshop also is a place for artists like myself and Joe to make their art happen. I hope to see you there! Other art will be on display including my newest painting.

Joe and the People’s Puppets are the first to participate here in this visiting artist workshop series. I will invite other artists or groups of artists on Thursdays for the next month or so.

Take the G or the F to Carroll Gardens and walk one block from Smith Street to 393 Hoyt Street

November 29th, 2012
4pm to 8:30pm
w/ light refreshments
Definitely all ages

Brooklyn Workshop Gallery
393 Hoyt Street
Brooklyn, NY

contact: @jamesfredericrose

Tonight Time Sq 8pm!: (Dont Be) A Puppet Show!

OWS Puppets- 2012 ElectionsThe People’s Puppets have been feverishly working on a puppet of the winner of the election: Monopoly Man. He happens to be 12 feet tall (without his fancy top hat) and happens to have two puppet pets to guide along his stroll through New York City… Obama and Romney, of course!

Please join us on Election Day.
Tuesday, November 6th, 2012
at the steps in Time Sq.

What we need is volunteers to be with us, be festive, be informative (we will have “Get out of Jail Free” cards with information to hand out), we need live streamers and photographers! and EVEN take your opportunity to man some of our puppets!

We all know, and have been working on Occupy Sandy Relief efforts… But if we miss the opportunity to address the sham of the election, we miss a beautiful boat.

We think all Occupy Sandy relief efforts must continue, and request people to come and support the election action to make this work…because it’s about solidarity, and spreading out our efforts. After the election, since everything will still be the same old, that we can return to the Hurricane relief, Occupying Goldman Sachs, Occupying Trinity, Golden Farms, Occupying the Pipeline, Rent Strike, Debt Strike, Occupy for Animals and the hundreds of other things that must be occupied in order to bring our world to a place of dignity…

If you can, come out and SPEAK OUT against the indignity that is the American Election and encourage THE PEOPLE to take action in our democracy after the Election Day.

With love,
The People’s Puppets of Occupy Wall Street

FACEBOOK INVITE: Election Day “(Don’t be) A Puppet Show” *all invited*

2NITE: Arts Cluster 5 – Keep it ALIVE!!!

Occupy Wall Street; Arts Cluster 5 -7pm Oct 7, 2012

Dear OWS Arts Groups and people!
The next meeting of the Arts Cluster IS happening this coming Sunday, October 7 at 7 PM at the Commons  388 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.

For those new to this list, this is the initiative to bring together the creative community of OWS..an opportunity to share information, resources, grievances and sympathies that can strengthen all of our participation in the huge work at hand.

Some of the topics discussed at past meetings included plans for the GuitarmyA Big ProjectOccupy the Empty Space’s upcoming 10 minute play festival (which was fab!)  , various puppet projects, core issues of artist entitlement, diversity and other arts actions and at the last meeting we spent time talking about events for N17 (including learning the police code of honor that Brook had gloriously set to music – which came in handy for me a couple times!), talked about a solo piece from Occupy Boston which is actually now happening in NY on Oct 22)  and also started a conversation about possible actions around Occupying the Election.

What we have on the table so far for this meeting (as well as other topics which you bring!) are follow ups on some of the above and continuing discussions about subway performances, Occupy Halloween plans and Occupy the Election. Let me know if there is anything which really needs to be added to the agenda followup before we go to new topics in Open Space.
Again – here are four easy requests:

1) It will be a potluck, so please bring some food or liquids to share if you can!

2) Please bring ideas about what to discuss in Open Space! After we do followups, the rest of the meeting, we will use the Open Space model, so that everyone hopefully has has the opportunity to bring their priorities to the group.

3)Please let us know you’re coming, and if we confirm then please also feel free to invite your friends!   If we agree to go ahead – I will also set up a Facebook page that can be used.

4)If there is something that needs to be on the followup list (anything I’ve left out) or anything that needs to urgently be on the agenda before we go to Open Space, please contact me beforehand and let me know.


Again that’s Sunday October 7 at 7 PM (will end at 10pm) at The Commons  388 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.

Hope to see you there!
Morgan and the Arts Cluster team