Occupy The Land! UnConference (Expanded)

[The following is a Arts & Labor Alternative Economies report back on the NYC Community Garden Coalition Occupy The Land! Unconference 2012. Expanded on vizkult.org with more photos and reviewed in “Gardening Art Grows into Activism In The Age of Occupy” by Martha Schwendener, Village Voice, Jun 13 2012]

Occupy The Land! NYC Community Garden Coalition Unconference 2012

This year the NYC Community Garden Coalition invited the working groups of Occupy Wall Street to help organize their first city-wde Community Garden Unconference. A member of Arts & Labor Alternative EconomiesMaking Worlds Commons Coalition  stepped up to organize a schedule of events for the Occupy the Land! Unconference, June 1-3.

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TPZ: Temporary Party Zone NOW @ Liberty Park

Anyone who has ever been part of Arts & Culture should get down to Liberty Park ASAP! We are turning the park into a Temporary Party Zone for a very special Arts & Culture comrade. As one of the first very first members of Arts & Culture, he’s be holding the front of OWS for over 9 months now, but tonight is his farewell. Come by with your wishes and hugs and what ever else you care to share tonight, on this special night.

In Solidarity and with Love,

Facebook invite:
Alex Good Bye Party! 

The Significance of Art in the Occupy Movement

Panel this weekend at the Left Forum, with a few good friends of Arts & Culture…

Saturday March 17th, 2012
3:00pm – 4:50pm / Session 3

Pace University
1 Pace Plaza
Room W605, 6th fl.
New York, Ny

The Occupy Wall Street movement (OWS) has altered conceptions of the international socio-political environment on the left, and has accordingly sent shock-waves throughout the realm of art and culture. In solidarity with OWS, artists took their work to the streets, creating on-site carnivalesque performances as forms of protest. Artists globally designed posters and logos to collectively construct the aesthetic appeal of the movement, and more significantly, diverse groups of artists organized to “Occupy Museums,” such as the MoMA, the Frick Collection, and New Museum, critiquing them as as “temples of cultural elitism.” Occupy Museums claims that the mainstream art world circuit is complicit in neoliberal capitalism and caters to the interests of the “1%.” Overall, OWS has renewed a sense of political urgency within the art world that has up to now been relegated to the margins. This panel critically investigates the role of art and culture in the Occupy movement, and how OWS has affected the infrastructure of the mainstream art world. What role does art play in the political struggles that OWS seeks to accomplish? In what ways is OWS a resource for creating change in the way art is produced, received, and distributed? These questions, among others, will act as the touchstone for artists and cultural theorists to asses how art and politics affect each other as the OWS continues to take form.

Sponsoring Journal: Platypus Affiliated Society
Moderated by
Chris Mansour.
Panelist include: Karen Archey, Noah Fischer (@noahfischer), Maria Byck (@maria), and Blithe Riley (@blithe)

more info and bios:

Hyper-Imaginary [Movie]: A Screening Program for the Spatial Occupation residency at Hyperallergic

For Immediate Release
February 6, 2012

Hyper-Imaginary [Movie]: A Screening Program for the Spatial Occupation residency at Hyperallergic
Tuesdays 7PM, February-March 2012
Start Date: February 7, 2012 (orientation)
Contact: ows-arts-and-culture-spaces@googlegroups.com

HYPER-imaginary MOVIE

[SUMMARY]: For February and March of 2012, Hyperallergic has invited the Spatial Team [Occupy Wall Street/NYCGA/Arts & Culture Working Group] to occupy the Hyperallergic office in Williamsburg/Brooklyn/NYC/NY/USA. On Tuesday evenings at 7PM, we will meet to consider the moving image in relation to Occupy Wall Street. We will watch movies, videos, animations and maybe create some of our own. We’ll also talk, share ideas, and invite guests to inspire the occupation of the moving image.

[PROPOSITIONS]: Is a fully occupied life better than any movie? Does a movement have a movie?

When Occupiers appeared as an intervention on the Law & Order: SVU set in December of 2011 did they re-establish actuality to the “Mockupy” scenario made-for-TV, or did something more profound occur? [1] What would Baudrillard say? One sign carried by a protester read, “WE ARE A MOVEMENT – NOT A TV PLOT.” Is this true?

How has Occupy Wall Street inspired filmmakers to re-examine cinema as a project? Is filmmaking by consensus possible? Is Hollywood immune to horizontal structures and transparency? Will OWS inspire a 99% cinema? What would that be, and who will produce it? What of the “director,” the “actors,” the “star,” or the “crew?” How does the production praxis of the moving image, and the roles of the players within its context, shift in the 99% movie’s creation? How will the final cut be distributed?

Which films would be on a Top Ten Movies of Occupation list?

Regarding online video [2]:

>>In his rather grim assessment of the domain of small screen video in the introduction to Video Vortex II: Moving Images Beyond YouTube, Geert Lovink writes, “The Attention War is real.” [3] Nothing has authenticated Lovink’s claim more profoundly than Occupy Wall Street. Earlier in the short but seminal text, Lovink doggedly propositions us with a sequence of questions about the future of online video, finishing with this one: “Is online video liberating us from anything?”

Post-9-17-2011 (the day OWS materialized as an occupation of Zuccotti Park), we have some new answers about the utilitarian value of online video. I’m not referring to anything remotely art-centric here, yet, with regards small-screen, networked video transmitted on/for/by electronic devices.

I mean moving images that seemingly erupt from the societal margins and shoot into the monopolized global perceptual space, disrupting the placid managed surface of acceptable 1% talking points. I mean movies that project a 99%-oriented iteration of real events into the stream of content wired people access to figure out what’s happening now, and not just what’s happening in one’s particular, preferred info-silo.

Online video has occupied Big Picture reality, finally offering more than laughing babies, cute kitties and bedroom guitar maestros. Online video is maturing as a decentralized syndicate for unmediated transmissions. What OWS has proven is that the “margins” are really the main, and the Dark Matter Greg Sholette describes in his book by the same name, [4] the 99% – is us, to paraphrase Pogo.<< (Paul McLean, “Low Lives: Occupy”)

Will we make our own movie, starring ourselves? Is this a “game” project for the Novads, and what are the stakes?

[1] http://www.thewrap.com/tv/column-post/law-order-svu-occupy-wall-street-set-overtaken-real-ows-protestors-video-33468

[2, 3] http://www.occupywithart.com/llo-supporting-text/ + free download of Video Vortex Reader 2: http://networkcultures.org/wpmu/videovortex/vv-reader

[4] In the Occupy with Art library: http://www.occupywithart.com/occupennial-library/2011/10/9/dark-matter-art-and-politics-in-the-age-of-enterprise-cultur.html


181 N 11th St, Suite 302, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Arts & Culture Radical Ice Cream Social

Hey Everybody!
So the Puppet Guild is hosting the Arts and Culture’s first Radical Ice Cream Social at our studio this Friday the 27th at 7pm.  You can tell people to bring an ice cream topping if they can.  We want to create a monthly social event for artists to come and hang out, cross pollinate with other artists, talk about possible actions of you want to -but no
kind of structure other than maybe some introductions at the beginning.
Anyone who is available from 4pm on please reply so we can get a crew
together to set up the space.Also, Eric is working on getting some ice cream donated -does anybody
have any ideas or contacts that can help him?

Please throw out ideas if you have them for how to make the night fun
and make people want to come back every month.

Spread the word!! (There’s a facebook event if you find that useful to use)




ps :Antonio or any other admin, how do i spread this invite to all of the art guilds/collectives?  thanks

Request for Volunteers for NYC Encuentro for Humanity and Against Neoliberalism

Request for artistic support for Movement for Justice in El Barrio’s Encuentro for Humanity, Sunday, December 4th, 3PM, Location TBA.

Arts and Culture is working in solidarity with Movement for Justice in El Barrio by providing creative support. We need:

  • Performers
  • Clowns
  • Musicians
  • Artists and artwork
  • Media/ Tech/ Live-Stream folk
  • And any other creative minds, voices and bodies

Please email James @jamesfredericrose to volunteer!

From Chiapas to South Africa, from Egypt to Greece and Spain, from El Barrio, NYC to Occupy Wall St., together we have shown that “dignity,” “justice,” and “democracy” are not concepts to be imagined, but realities we must live and nourish.

Those from above- the 1%- who attempt to control our lives and plunder our world feed off our divisions as a people.

True liberation means knocking down hierarchies, and building a new world from the bottom up.

To do this we must engage in the most powerful form of rebellion: Listening to all those from below.

We invite you to our corner of the world, East Harlem (El Barrio), a neighborhood and community that has organized and fought back against oblivion for years, to join us in the NYC Encuentro for Humanity and Against Neoliberalism.

An Encuentro is a moment of human exchange and reflection; it is a gathering. An Encuentro is not a meeting, a panel or a conference; it is a way of sharing developed by the Zapatistas as another form of doing politics: from below and to the left. It is a place where we can all speak, we will all listen, and we can all learn. It is a place where we can share the many different struggles that make us one.