Arts & Culture Network

The Arts & Culture Working Group is one of the largest groups withing the NYCGA. Therefor within this group there are many other working groups. These have been organized by their function.

Organizational Team
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The Organizational Team forms around current issues affecting how Arts & Culture as an organization functions within the NYC General Assembly. Current Organizational issues include:
• Information
• Space
• Funding

other possible issues to be addressed:
• Proposals
• New Members

Thematic Groups
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Thematic groups form around current issues and themes affecting the Arts & Culture. Current Thematic groups:
Arts & Labor

other possible Thematic Groups might be
• Arts & Cultural Institutions (OccupyMuseums)
• Arts & Education
• Arts & The Movement (i.e occupation at Wall Street, Civil Rights Movement, etc.)

Guilds or Commons
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Guilds/Commons are skill based. Each guild/common is responsible for carrying out skill related activities that range from direct action to education and empowerment.
• Drawing, Painting and Sculpture guild
• Theater Guild
• Performance/Body Art Guild
• New Media Guild

Collectives and Affinity Groups
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Collectives and Affinity Groups are defined less by skills or themes and more working as dynamic group of individuals.


We are currently seeking to expand the Arts & Culture Network, if you would like to create, join, or add a group, please come to one of our organizational meetings.