Occupy with Art (formerly ‘Occupennial’)

Occupy With Art (formerly ‘Occupennial’) Group is an affinity group of the Arts & Culture working group. We are artists, writers, curators, and art professionals lending our skills to produce art, cultural events and projects, with a particular focus on OWS itself as a social art process. We work with organizations and artists that require a focused team to facilitate their projects. We produce art projects, large-scale events, and exhibitions. Our website, www.occupywithart.com, serves as an information hub for current and past art-related activities in the OWS movement.

We are committed to building relationships within OWS and with outside arts organizations.

If you would like to work with us on a project, or help others with their projects – please join us at our weekly meeting, or get in touch at occupywithartNY[at]gmail.com

If you are interested in being part of the discussion, please join our google group: http://groups.google.com/group/occupy-with-art

Meeting Times:
[Spring 2012]: Because Occupy with Art is focused on production for our exhibit programs (Low Lives: Occupy, Ingrid Burrington’s exhibit for the Spatial Occupation @Hyperallergic, Wall Street to Main Street and CO-OP/Occuburbs + more), we will be meeting via email, phone, and in small breakout groups until further notice. For more information on the latest developments, check the blog or our social media, which are updated daily, or contact us directly.


Paul (@artforhumans)
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