Music Working Group (formerly Music Guild)

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Music Working Group facilitates the making of and performing of music in adherence with Occupy Wall Street founding values and principles as outlined in the Statement of Autonomy and Principles of Solidarity.

This is a living document amendable upon this group’s consensus. Changes to our mission statement may be reviewed with the most recent versions of these documents as consensed upon by the New York City General Assembly. The agreed upon versions of these documents we work with are posted below.

NYCGA Statement of Autonomy
NYCGA Principles of Solidarity

Regular Meetings Times:
Thursdays – 6pm @ 60 Wall St Atrium
Saturdays – 5pm @ 60 Wall St Atrium

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Co-organizer contacts:

Stephan Said (@stephansaid) – universalhobo@g—

Renae Dobbs (@renaessance)- drdobbs1@g—

Ernie Vega – eranvega@hot—

Alphonzo Terrell (@phonz)- alphonzo.terrell@g—