Painting and Drawing

There are supplies including acrylic paint, brushes, palette paper, bristol paper, newsprint paper, charcoal paper, vine charcoal, compressed charcoal and charcoal pencils.

If you would like to join in the collaboration of this art work please contact James, co organizer of the Painting and Drawing guild.

If you have art work you would like to donate to Occupy Wall Street please contact the Archives working group. If you would like to use the art work collected by this group, go to our docs section, download a proposal form and bring it to a Monday or Thursday A&C meeting. Then with the consensus of the group you can borrow art work from Archives.

There will be a painting and drawing retreat April 7th and 8th in Catskill, New York and a trip up into the mountains to enjoy nature, make art and produce a video to protest and ban Fracking in the Catskill Mountains. The city of Catskill is currently hosting Wall Street to Main Street, a large group show populating many venues in Main Street Catskill. The retreat will involve a day in Catskill and an over night stay up in the mountains with a hike and then return to New York City Sunday night.