The Occupy Wall Street poetry working group has been organizing and performing “poetry assemblies” in Zuccotti Park/Liberty Plaza and as part of selected OWS demonstrations. At these OWS poetry assemblies, which have developed in a format intended to match the democratic and horizontal nature of the larger OWS movement, interested poets put their names into a hat at the beginning of each assembly. The order of poets is drawn randomly from the hat, and each poet gets three minutes to read her or his work, or a poem they have chosen by another writer. Poets can choose to read either with their own voice alone, or with the human-amplification assistance of the “people’s mic.” We believe that these poetry assemblies have helped to inspire writers and activists already working with Occupy Wall Street, and that they have also helped to bring new people into the movement.

Poetry assembly readings are held at different times and spaces.

For more info please CONTACT us at:           occupypoetry@gmail.com                         or


On May 1st, Multiple MAY DAY POETRY COLLECTIVE ASSEMBLIES:  see www.call2create.org

Every other SUNDAY at 7pm in the Public Atrium at 60 Wall street. Next meeting will be May 6th at 7pm.

See a sample Video of our Poetry Assemblies on the OWS Arts and Culture youtube site: