Organizational Team

A rotating organizational task team has been set up within Arts & Culture.  It is the responsibility of each member to thoroughly research* each issue, examine solutions, and implement the chosen solution. The team will present findings to the Arts & Culture group and reach consensus before implementing a solution.


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Scheduling – To find creative ways for organizing meeting schedules, calendars, events.
Information – To find creative ways for organizing information for all members in Zuccotti Park and online.
Space – To find creative ways for dealing with space issues at Zuccotti park, indoor spaces, storage spaces, meeting spaces.
Funding – To find creative ways to fund Arts & Culture, both from NYCGA and other external source

Imani @imani
Antonio @antonioserna
Nathan  @nathaleigh
Adrian @adrian
James @jamesfredericrose
Yaelle @yaelle
Johnny @snowywilderness
Daniele @dakitty0

more to names to be added….  


If you like to join the team please:
1.) Familiarize your self with A&C and the specific issues facing the Organizational Team.
2.) Choose a specific issue/task you would like to work on.
3.) Attend our meetings and let us know you would like to help so we can add you to the google group.

*research includes posting on the various forums for group advice and opinion, as well as consulting groups member during A&C meetings.

**This team is a “working” team, we take on tasks and work on them. Ideas and solutions are always brought to an A&C meetings for consensus. Conversely anyone is welcome to bring issues and solutions to each meeting!