Information Issues


• Maintaining Information current, both online and offline.
• Creating documents with information about Arts & Culture for dissemination.
• Facilitating the cooperation within the network of groups to keep their information current and transparent.
• Archiving important information about the group.
• Create an easily accessible group structure for the public


1. Printed material: Info flier with basic information –Antonio, Dierdre
2. Finish our funding policy page and have it reflected in “Propose a Project” page. [Arts & Culture Finance Team: Johnny (@snowywilderness)  and Daniele Kohn (@dakitty0)]
3. Ask Guilds to add info to their pages: description, meeting times/location, discussion forum link.
4. Add individual guild links to guilds page.(Can we do short link to child pages???)
5. website: Sidebar widgets organization with TxT images –Antonio 12-13-11
6. Post category managements, creating a horizontal structure – Nathan 12-07-11
7. website: Menu usability – Adrian
8. website: Evaluating exiting Theme options – Adrian
9. website: Evaluating existing plug-in options – Nathan  12-07-11
10. website: Import Activity feeds from various A&C network & collective websites. (sidebar or page?)
11. website: Look at customizing CSS to make side menus have the same look as top menu Nathan
12. Website header size and design (Version 2). Antonio 12-13-11
13. Solidarity banners for sidebar (testing). Antonio 12-13-11
14. Assign parents to orphan pages.
15. Assign top level pages the sidebar template Antonio 12-13-11 Does this look o.k.?
16. Shorten category slugs by removing prefixs and “-” for a simple url. (Tags with “-” o.k.)
ex. slug: “occupy-museums” –> “occupymuseums”
ex. slug: “occupy-museums-minutes” –> “minutes”
resulting URL …/category/occupymuseums/minutes
17. Figure out how to embed RSS with content into collective’s pages. (check back to post on Internet Working Group forums.)
18. Make a sticky with urgent notes for A&C on home page. i.e. Call for Artist D-17action.
19. Add “arts” channel feed from global occupation feed aggregator:
20. Link/add icons from groups in network, see screen printing guild for example.
21. Add footers to group pages, see Direct Action Painters for example.
22. Add Facebook Button link. Antonio 1-20-2012
23. Add new RSS feeds for A&C Youtube Channel and Delicious account on front page sidebar. -Antonio 2-22-2012


PROPOSALS(Italics indicates phase of proposal)

Information Flow within Arts & Culture (Dec 8, 2011 – current)
Syndicate Program (Nov./Dec. 2011) – amendments, see SHARE OWS below.
Informational Materials No.1 (Nov. 13 – Dec ) – PASSED
Structure of Arts & Culture (Nov 7- 8, 2011) – PASSED
SHARE OWS (aka syndication program above ) (January 16, 2011) – PASSED
1st Arts Cluster March 3rd, 2012  (January 16, 2012- current) – workshop/outreach stage



Arts & Culture flyer:
Arts & Culture Flyer



Phase 1: Create the basic structure for the website so that each group can then populate their information within the website structure. Basic information includes: meeting times, minutes, announcements, forum information, current projects. [Additionally create hard copies of all information for use in Zuccotti Park.] Sept 26- ongoing.

Phase 2: (To Be Discussed)

NYCGA Website Feature Request Document. (NYCGA A&C Docs)


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