Information Flow (Proposal)

Arts & Culture Data Flow

Proposal for the information flow within the Arts & Culture network (click to zoom)

Solidarity within the network relies on the sharing of data with the General Assembly. Above is a diagram showing the proposed flow of data in the current structure.

Sharing is restricted by the current structure of nycga:  
• input points for original data
• no input points for data feeds (i.e.a one way street)

3 Basic input channels would be:
• minutes
• events
• news (announcements/reportbacks/press)

Network Groups:
Arts & Labor
Occupy Museums
Occupy With Art (Formerly Occuppenial)
All Guilds

5 thoughts on “Information Flow (Proposal)

  1. This is fantastic! Just terrific! I’m going to try to figure out how to set up the RSS on the OwA site today. May take me a bit to figure that out… I took a look at our site diagnostics, and we receive no referrals from!)… Our top referral is direct (from site recognition), then Facebook (which doesn’t personally cheer me up), and then from some other links. Reciprocity is key for us to succeed in representing the arts of occupy, at this point, and that requires exactly the kind of network dynamics Antonio and the info/com/net flow crew are working to establish. Great work/excellent graphic.

  2. Facebook now directly implicated in working with security forces globally to persecute and prosecute activists. Remember it is a tracking front and is going public in one to two months so your information will be shared with a few other corporate databases. Facebook will not accept any cannabis legalization information or debate (GREAT!!, whoooohoooo.) I am migrating to; they rock! So does megadeth.

  3. Hi guys. Love what you’ve done with your blog. FYI you can turn any category into an RSS feed by simply going to the category page, adding “/feed” at the end of the URL and clicking enter. This will take you to an RSS feed page.

    Also – if you’re trying to find a non-corporate social network, I suggest

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