Structure of Arts & Culture (Current)

Proposal for the Internal Structure as it pertains to the many autonomous groups within of Arts & Culture. Clarifying the differences between these groups will enable new members orient themselves within the Arts & Culture Working Group of the NYCGA.

Status: Passed
• Published online Nov 7th.
• Proposed and passed Nov 8th, see Organizational Meeting Minutes Nov 8

New structure of different group:
Currently no defining structure exists.

1. A&C Organizational Teams
Organizational team form around current issues affecting how Arts & Culture functions a a working group within the NYC General Assembly. Current Organizational Teams include:

• Internal Structure Team
• Scheduling Team
• Information Team
• Physical Space Team
• Project Proposal Team
• New Recruits Team

2. A&C Thematic Groups
Thematic groups form around current issues and themes affecting the Arts & Culture workers. Current  Thematic groups:

• Arts & Labor
• Arts & Institutions (Occupy  Museums)
• Arts & Education
• Arts & The Movement (i.e occupation at Wall Street, Civil Rights Movement, etc.)

3. A&C Guilds
Guilds are skill based. Each guild is responsible for carrying out skill related activities that range from direct action to education and empowerment.

• Drawing, Painting and Sculpture guild
• Theater Guild
• Performance/Body Art Guild
• New Media Guild

4. A&C Collectives and Affinity Groups
Collectives and Affinity Groups are defined less by skills or themes and more working as dynamic group of individuals