Syndication Program (Proposal)

Proposal: Art Syndicate Program for Arts & Culture (Organizational)

proposal is a solution to handle the everyday donations of artwork to the Arts & Culture Working Group and to foster trading and sharing of art within the movement.

Not yet proposed.
To be presented at the Nov 12th, 6pm Organizational Meeting.

Artist interested in sharing their art, painting, sculpture, visual, digital artt, video, poetry, performance, etc. will be allowed to join a syndication program supported by NYCGA Arts & Culture Committee. The program will operate in the following way, amendments can be made if needs arise. Currently no such program exist.

Process for sharing artwork within Arts & Culture NYCGA / Wall Street occupation movement:
1. Artist find information about “donating work” to the A&C group online at .
2. Artist reads the guidelines for the program that states all artwork is free to use within the NYCGA Arts & Culture Art Syndication program. With credit to the artist, of course!
3 . Artist places link to the A&C Arts Syndicate logo (to be design, example below) on their website to signal to other syndication members that s/he is a part of the program.
4. Artist notifies A&C that they are a member indicating their website info.
5. A&C adds a link to that person’s site to as a resource syndication link.
6. All art work** is then circulated within the network as per need.

**with the case of physical art work, artist wanting to share or use physical work should contact each other.
*** This program can also extend to resources like spaces, materials, etc.

If proposal is accepted, the following will need to be finalized:
-Finalize guidelines.
-Finalize name and logo.
-Finalize process above.
– other

references: Underground Press Syndicate (1966-1973)