A+C Multipurpose Offsite Space


The A+C Spatial Team met on Sunday, November 13, 2011 to begin brainstorming for an offsite space for Arts and Culture.

Using a business plan model, we began by brainstorming our needs and desires that would affect what kind of space we decide to choose.
Then, each participant (five people were in attendance) ranked each item on the list from 1-5, 1 being a complete desire and 5 being an absolute need.
The numbers were tallied and each item on the list scored between 5-25 points. All items 19 and above were considered needs. All below 19 were considered desires.

In preparation for next meeting, the following homework was assigned:

Johnny: extended residencies at non-profit art spaces (Plan B)

Imani: Squatting at an abandoned building

Daniele: Real Estate lawyers (pro bono); underground party/ art world for advise on insurance

James and Adrian: NYC real estate market

All: Alternative sources of funding (besides kickstarter)

At our next meeting we will discuss distance of proposed space from Liberty Plaza, i.e. how far we are willing to go

Here is the resulting list:

Lots of outlets- 25
Potable water- 25
Wi-fi- 25
Bathroom- 25
Heat- 25
Slop sink (or ability to install one)- 25
Office space- 24
Collective art studio- 24
Good lighting- 23
Performance space- 22
Exhibition space- 22
Meeting space- 22
24/7 access- 22
Handicap access- 21
Works in progress storage- 21
Yoga/ dance/ judo, etc studio- 19
Ventilation- 19

Long-term storage- 14
Full kitchen- 13
Backyard- 13
Music rehearsal space- 11
Showers- 10
Sleep space- 10
Wood/ metal workshop- 9
Darkroom- 9
Air conditioning- 7
Glass studio- 6
Big slide- 6
Printshop- 6
Pottery wheels/ kiln- 6
High ceilings

Additional needs/ desires that will not directly affect the type of space we choose (to be further discussed at a later meeting):
Computer station (bolted down)
Front desk
Sewing machines
Flat file storage
Large format and regular printers
Flat-bed scanner
White walls
Tables, couches and comfy chairs
Army cots
Toxic Waste disposal
Sound system
First Aid Kit
Fire extinguisher
Art supplies
Mobile exhibition walls
Cleaning committee
Bins/ shelving