A+C Space in Liberty Plaza


These notes will be sent to Architecture and Town Planning as part of a bid for an official Arts and Culture space in the park. Please send your suggestions for additions/ amendments to ows-arts-and-culture-spaces@googlegroups.com by end of week


  • No information center for A+C
    • Fragmentation w/in group b/c of need to go offsite for art-making
    • Difficult to communicate between A+C and rest of movement
    • Other WG’s do not know how to contact us with requests for signage
  • No designated art space
    • No room for collective art-making
    • Artists’ attempts to perform have been met with hostility due to perceived “misuse” of mic check. A designated performance/ exhibition space would clear up this confusion.
    • No longer a place in park for art/ sign making
    • Lack of art on display/ being made in park
      • Art brings joy to the daily life of occupiers
  • Theft/ loss of materials
    • Art supplies have been stolen from park—need a permanent spaced that can be manned.
    • Supplies currently kept at library but it is not known throughout movement that these supplies are available for everyone
    • Currently one member is holding all GA-funded art supplies as there is no where else to keep them. Would prefer for them to be more centrally-accessible
    • Using library as A+C drop-off point, but artwork has been accidentally mishandled and misplaced by Library


  • Info desk
    • Mailing list sign-up sheet
    • Sign/ banner request spreadsheet
    • Events calendar (cross-discipline)
      • A+C general/ guild/ affinity group meeting days/ times
      • Performances
      • Concerts
      • Regular sign-painting days
      • Art actions
      • City-wide art exhibitions
  • Tent for storage/ sleeping
  • Mobile exhibition walls for pop-up exhibitions


  • Tent
  • Desk
  • 20x20ft of space
  • Volunteers from w/in A+C to man tent 24/7