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(below is kept for archival purposes and has not been updated since July 5, 2012)

A Commons is a resource that is organized and maintained by the community. Art & The Commons is a coalition of individuals and affinity groups that are investigating ways in which art, culture, and art education can be understood and developed as a commons. Commoning also serves as a guard against private enclosures.

Art & The Commons is made of a coalition of autonomous OWS artists from the OWS Arts groups: Arts & Culture NYCGA, Arts & Labor (Alternative Economies subgroup) and in solidarity with the Commons Coalition.

Currently we are focused on building workshops to help facilitate community discussions on the commons.

Join our Commoning Initiative

Currently we are interested in organizing workshops, teach-ins, and outreach. We operate by consensus and all aspects and roles withing the group are treated equally. Please contact @maria or @antonioserna if you are interested in joining us. Similarly you can attend an Arts & Labor or Making Worlds: Commons Coalition meeting and let them know you are interested in the Art & The Commons group. There is also a monthly Alternative Economies subgroup meeting, please ask about it.


Sunday, July 8th, 2012, 11am-5pm
Occupy Town Square VI: Bushwick (Facebook Evite)
Maria Hernandez Park @ Knickerbocker and Starr St
L train to Jefferson or M Train to Knickerbocker in Bushwick Brooklyn (Google Map)

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012, 11am-5pm
Occupy Town Square VII: Queens
PlayStreet, 78th Street bet. Northern Blvd & 34th Ave.
E, F, M, R to Roosevelt Ave – Jackson Heights or 7 to 74th Street- Broadway, Queens (Google Map)

next workshops:

Union for Radical Political EconomicsURPE  Summer Conference
August 10 – 13, 2012, at Epworth Center in High Falls, New York.
Art and the Commons will be part of a panel discussion on the commons, in collaboration with Making Worlds Commons Coalition.

Fifth Annual Summer Colloquium – Institute for Social Ecology
August 17-19, 2012 in Plainfield, Vermont
A workshop on the Intangible Commons

past workshops:
Friday February 17th,  2012
Workshop 1: Art, Education, and Culture*
facilitated by Maria Byck, Antonio Serna, Marcos Wassem

Church of the Ascension
122 Java Street
(between Manhattan and Franklin)
Greenpoint, Brooklyn. (G train to Greenpoint Avenue)

*As part of Making Worlds: A Forum on the Commons, Feb 16-18th.
visit the website for a more detailed schedule.

Sunday April 22nd, 2012
Workshop 2: Art & The Commons
Alongside ‘The People’s Collection‘.
Catskill Community Center

344 Main Street
Catskill, NY (As part of Wall Street 2 Main Street, Catskills, NY)

Wednesday June 6, 2012
Workshop 3: Reciprocity of Art & Culture
Autonomous University @ Berlin Biennale 7
Institute for Contemporary Art
Auguststraße 69 10117


Living proposal. Editors: Antonio Serna, Maria Byck


Feminism and the Politics of the Commons, by Silvia Federici
The Silent Revolution. The emergence of commons, guilds and other forms of corporate collective action in Western Europe from a new perspective, by Tine De Moor (pdf)

The Digital Commons – Left Unregulated, Are We Destined for Tragedy? by Thomas

The Commoner (journal)
On The Commons: Arts & Culture (website)
Creative Commons (license info)


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