NYCGA Website Feature Request Document

[This is a working document for the Arts and Culture Working Group to propose suggestions to the website. Once completed it will be brought to the Working Group for Consensus and then presented to the Internet Working Group.]

Additional Features:

* Section within groups for Minutes/Agenda, Pending Proposals, Approved Proposals, GA Report Backs other than Docs and Forum. (I believe the group blog should be able to handle this. We just need a team to customize it.- @antonioserna)

* Section w/in groups for guild-specific discussion.

* Section to upload media (images, audio, video, text, PDF) (We need to check if blog can also handle this – @antonioserna)

Improved Features:

* Ability to nest forums so guilds can have their own forums within A&C Group. (Requests have been made)

* Ability to pin forum topics to the top (A sticky button has been added for ADMINs, not sure about MODS)

* Improved formatting and embedding abilities in forum.

* Ability to check a box allowing a user to follow a forum topic. Email sent to users when a new comment is posted to a thread that the user is active on.

* Greater search capacities. Ability to search for members w/in a Group, rather than through the entire nycga site. e.g. if I wanted to promote a guild member to an admin, I have to browse through 18 pages of member names sorted randomly.

*Greater sort capacities: e.g., sort through members A-Z. Also, sort forum topics in a more easily digestible manner. Sub-folders/ tabs w/in Forum section for discussions (project proposals; ethical/ philosophical discussion; call for volunteers; art projects in process; art/ performance spaces; etc. etc.) The author of the thread could choose which sub-folder the thread should be in.

Blithe’s notes:
– ability to add an image to an event
– ability to directly share that event only to facebook (currently the shares seem to reflect the entire site)
– ability to email that event directly from the event page
– Re-directs. When I add an event, I get redirected back to my personal home, not the A&C Events section. It is 3-4 clicks back to find my event and see if it posted. This drives me nuts. Ideally it would simply go to the event I entered in saved mode.

If multiple people edit the same doc at the same time, it locks the doc. Is it possible to make this function more like google docs? I have had a couple instances where someone accidently left open the edit window, and it locked the doc for everyone.

Options for Email Notifications
– I am one of those people that manages my life out of my inbox. I get alerts for meetings, and use filters to manage my threads. I know I am not alone. If you want to get me off the google group, I need to have notifications for the forums. I’d like the ability to subscribe to forums- forum topics- or have the option to get email alerts when someone posts in a forum that I am following… with a link as well.

Wouldn’t it be so awesome if we could subscribe to an RSS feed of a tag? ie. everything tagged Occupy Museums, Arts and Culture, etc? That way we could see it all in an RSS reader. Ooh lala.

Galleries tab.
It would be SO GREAT if we had a centralized place that people could upload their photos (and tag them). We could use a third party site and it could filter into a Galleries tab.

Resources Section
– More and more groups are coming up with reading lists and have the desire to share links. Could we have a separate online library section for resources? This would be so helpful!