OWS Arts & Culture Welcome Sign

Greetings all, last week we talked about creating a sign for newcomers to Arts & Culture meetings that could clue them into what is going on, so they don’t simply get frustrated and walk away. Please take a look and give your feedback.  I have a couple concerns, listed below.  After we come to a consensus, I can put out a call to artists to come up with a nice looking sign and get it laminated.

Some concerns:

Language: I tried to come up with the most simple language that could fit on a single sign. Am I missing any key points? I realize that there are two types of meetings–“arts” and “culture”, so maybe there need to be two posters to address these different formats?

How to get poster to meetings: I know we’ve discussed an A&C kiosk in the park that could store these signs…that has not come to fruition.  There has also been talk about binders for documents like proposal forms and contact for the guilds. Perhaps we could store these at the library and then the facilitator or someone else can pick them up on the way to the meeting.  To make sure it doesn’t all fall on the facilitator, maybe anyone passing by the park on the way to A&C could stop into the library and make sure these things are brought to the meeting.  Of course, we’d  have to get the A-OK from the librarians.

Anyhoo…here’s the poster text:

OWS Arts & Culture Meeting

Welcome and Introduction: Welcome to OWS Arts & Culture! Arts & Culture Meetings are run by a facilitator.  Anyone can be trained to be a facilitator.  The facilitator’s job is to maintain order and create a flow for the meeting. At the Introduction, the facilitator will go over the structure for the A&C meeting.

Announcements are for headline-like bits of information to share with the larger group that require no immediate discussion or feedback.  Please get on stack to make an announcement.

Agenda is where we discuss larger issues related to OWS and the Arts & Culture Working Group. Please get on stack to suggest an agenda item.

Proposal: To get the official backing of OWS for a proposal, you must submit it in writing.  For further info on proposal guidelines consult GA Arts & Culture binder or visit http://www.nycga.net/groups/arts-and-culture. Please get on stack to make a proposal.


Funding Proposal: Requests for use of the $100/day funding offered to Arts & Culture from the #OccupyWallStreet fund.  Finance Requests can only be made regarding Proposals that have already gotten consensus from the Arts &
Culture Group, have been submitted in writing, and include a budget. Please get on stack to make a funding proposal.

New Ideas: This is the time to workshop an initial idea for a later proposal. Please get on stack to suggest a new idea.


Stack:  “To Get on Stack” means getting on the list to speak.  Whether you want to announce something, discuss an issue, or make a proposal, you must get on stack. In each section of the meeting, the facilitator will “open stack” and make a list of everyone who wants to say or discuss something.  Just raise a finger or hand to let the facilitator know you want to be on stack. 

What’s with all these funny hand signals? For a tutorial on GA hand signals, please visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xV3zTlgu3Q&feature=related

Forum: To join the Arts & Culture Group discussion online, please visit: http://www.nycga.net/groups/arts-and-culture