Current Projects

Feb 2012 – ongoing
Art & The Commons

Workshops, Teach-in, In-Practice events.
Need persons interested in the subject to help organize around this topic.
* for more info visit the project page or contact @maria or @antonioserna
* or you can attend an Arts & Labor meeting to get in-touch with the Alternative Economies subgroup.

January 2012 – ongoing

OWS content sharing program.
Need groups or individuals to help facilitate enrollment and encourage sharing and content creation within working groups.
* for more info visit the project page or contact @antonioserna

January 2012 – ongoing
Radical Ice Cream Social
Description:  Informal gathering to help A & C groups cross pollinate.
Need: People to come and help organize
Contact: @loucrimson



Sept 26, 2011 – ongoing
The Occupy Wall Street Journal

Arts & Culture’s original Do-It-Yourself Journal.
* Seeking new front-page designs for new issues.
* Need volunteers to archive user submissions.
Contact: arts_culture@nycga.n*t or direct message @artsculture