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SHARE OWS is a new program from OWS Arts Network that facilitates the sharing of content being produced within the OWS movement. What does that mean? Anyone working within OWS/NYCGA is free to re-circulate art, writing, photography, poetry, and other content produced within the OWS movement and for the movement. Read more about it here.

We need your help: If you are a member of a working group, collective, affinity group, or thematic group within OWS/NYCGA, please contact us so we can add you the SHARE OWS list: or reach out to Arts & Culture on the A&C Forum or the 917 Wall Street Arts Forum. You can also help by spreading the word about this program and asking other groups to participate!

A & C Minutes – Nov. 22, 2011 (Snippets)

Facilitation Unknown

Minutes: Antonio

Note: Arts and Culture Minutes (Organizational)
Tuesday November 22, 2011

The following are snippets from the Nov. 22nd meeting. The original meeting notes are yet to be recovered. I’m leaving the comments open in case anyone wants to contribute some notes via memory – Antonio

  1. Arts & Culture New Schedule
  2. Arts & Culture communication channel
  3. Art Syndicate Program
  4. New Members Meet & Greet
  5. Use of Broadway office Space
  6. […]
  7. […]

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