Tonight Time Sq 8pm!: (Dont Be) A Puppet Show!

OWS Puppets- 2012 ElectionsThe People’s Puppets have been feverishly working on a puppet of the winner of the election: Monopoly Man. He happens to be 12 feet tall (without his fancy top hat) and happens to have two puppet pets to guide along his stroll through New York City… Obama and Romney, of course!

Please join us on Election Day.
Tuesday, November 6th, 2012
at the steps in Time Sq.

What we need is volunteers to be with us, be festive, be informative (we will have “Get out of Jail Free” cards with information to hand out), we need live streamers and photographers! and EVEN take your opportunity to man some of our puppets!

We all know, and have been working on Occupy Sandy Relief efforts… But if we miss the opportunity to address the sham of the election, we miss a beautiful boat.

We think all Occupy Sandy relief efforts must continue, and request people to come and support the election action to make this work…because it’s about solidarity, and spreading out our efforts. After the election, since everything will still be the same old, that we can return to the Hurricane relief, Occupying Goldman Sachs, Occupying Trinity, Golden Farms, Occupying the Pipeline, Rent Strike, Debt Strike, Occupy for Animals and the hundreds of other things that must be occupied in order to bring our world to a place of dignity…

If you can, come out and SPEAK OUT against the indignity that is the American Election and encourage THE PEOPLE to take action in our democracy after the Election Day.

With love,
The People’s Puppets of Occupy Wall Street

FACEBOOK INVITE: Election Day “(Don’t be) A Puppet Show” *all invited*