TONIGHT 6pm: Arts & Culture IMPORTANT Planning Meeting @ 60 Wall St.

BerlinBiennale7 - Portland Or after eviction
There are 3 big events/projects coming up that need input from all of
you, OWS artists & art groups. We are having an A&C planning meeting
tonight 6pm // 60 Wall Street for the following topics:

1) OWS Artists participation in Berlin Biennial 7 **
2) OWS Arts & Culture outdoor programming for a city wide Unconference
3) OWS Arts Newsletter

60 Wall Street.

Email arts_culture [at]  if you are coming and/or arriving a little later than 6pm, or cannot you cannot make it tonight but but still want to be part of the planning.

**Occupy Museums is also holding Berlin Biennial planning meetings, we can coordinate with them tonight if it is on their agenda.

The Significance of Art in the Occupy Movement

Panel this weekend at the Left Forum, with a few good friends of Arts & Culture…

Saturday March 17th, 2012
3:00pm – 4:50pm / Session 3

Pace University
1 Pace Plaza
Room W605, 6th fl.
New York, Ny

The Occupy Wall Street movement (OWS) has altered conceptions of the international socio-political environment on the left, and has accordingly sent shock-waves throughout the realm of art and culture. In solidarity with OWS, artists took their work to the streets, creating on-site carnivalesque performances as forms of protest. Artists globally designed posters and logos to collectively construct the aesthetic appeal of the movement, and more significantly, diverse groups of artists organized to “Occupy Museums,” such as the MoMA, the Frick Collection, and New Museum, critiquing them as as “temples of cultural elitism.” Occupy Museums claims that the mainstream art world circuit is complicit in neoliberal capitalism and caters to the interests of the “1%.” Overall, OWS has renewed a sense of political urgency within the art world that has up to now been relegated to the margins. This panel critically investigates the role of art and culture in the Occupy movement, and how OWS has affected the infrastructure of the mainstream art world. What role does art play in the political struggles that OWS seeks to accomplish? In what ways is OWS a resource for creating change in the way art is produced, received, and distributed? These questions, among others, will act as the touchstone for artists and cultural theorists to asses how art and politics affect each other as the OWS continues to take form.

Sponsoring Journal: Platypus Affiliated Society
Moderated by
Chris Mansour.
Panelist include: Karen Archey, Noah Fischer (@noahfischer), Maria Byck (@maria), and Blithe Riley (@blithe)

more info and bios: