Minutes Monday February 6, 2012

Arts & Culture – Meeting Minutes
Monday February 6th, 2012

Minutes by Chris Cobb

Antonio @antonioserna, leora, deirdre (@dday), chris, james @jamesfredericrose, eric (@recodebarcode), maria (@maria)

(The meeting started with just a few people so the discussion was very informal and people came later so the minutes reflect the casualness of the conversation.)

I. reportbacks /announcements/agenda

Leora – facilitation saftey vests made, had help from screen printing guild and they used them and they worked at the occupy town square at washington square park vests were given to occupy town square – max or Cynthia – violence /nonviolence issues are a dealbreaker for a lot of people

Deidre said they want to make buttons that say OWS nonviolent so people can tell who is who in some visual way including at the town square so they need help to make the buttons and distribute them or try to figure out a way to distinguish between violent and non violent protesters, noted that in DC (January 17 – Occupy DC) mostly white guys were like anarchists baiting the cops and saying”fuck you” to them etc.Trying deliberately to provoke, party atmosphere which seemed really risky and irresponsible

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A & C Minutes – December 1, 2011

Facilitator: Johnny

Minutes: Imani
Stack: Adrian
Time: Sam

Arts & Culture Minutes 12/1/11 Thursday – December 1, 2011


Name NYCGA Username
Johnny @snowywilderness
Tal @talbeery
James @jamesfredericrose
Deirdre @dday
Leora NA
Chris NA
Zach @zachary
Reka @reka
Adrian @adrian
Imani @imani
Sam @treefallsfilm
Riley @rrrj
Tim @timhollinger
Daniel @dthorsen
Kirby NA
Antonio @antonioserna

Meeting Schedule: Announcements/Report Backs, Agenda items, Proposals

Review of hand signals

Announcements/ Reportbacks

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Announcements Nov. 9, 2011

Pre-Meeting Announcements
Wednesday November 9, 2011
collected by @imani

  • Come to Printed Matter Saturday 11/12/11, 12-5PM to donate work to the A+C Window Display.
  • Meeting to discuss an A+C multipurpose space will be held This Sunday 11/13/11, 4PM. See the Spatial Team’s page for more info.
  • The Information/Structure Team would like to reassess Art and Culture’s daily meetings. We are working to par down to two general A+C meetings/ week and one large A+C General Assembly at which guild and affinity groups will come together with A+C to give report backs, catch everyone up to speed, and brainstorm for the future. **If you are a member or co-organizer of an affinity group or guild, please fill out this spreadsheet with your current meeting day and time so that we can plan around your meetings: Guild Meeting Scheduler