Arts & Culture Radical Ice Cream Social

Hey Everybody!
So the Puppet Guild is hosting the Arts and Culture’s first Radical Ice Cream Social at our studio this Friday the 27th at 7pm.  You can tell people to bring an ice cream topping if they can.  We want to create a monthly social event for artists to come and hang out, cross pollinate with other artists, talk about possible actions of you want to -but no
kind of structure other than maybe some introductions at the beginning.
Anyone who is available from 4pm on please reply so we can get a crew
together to set up the space.Also, Eric is working on getting some ice cream donated -does anybody
have any ideas or contacts that can help him?

Please throw out ideas if you have them for how to make the night fun
and make people want to come back every month.

Spread the word!! (There’s a facebook event if you find that useful to use)




ps :Antonio or any other admin, how do i spread this invite to all of the art guilds/collectives?  thanks